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NamasteI have a new friend. Her name is Rachel and she writes the most amazing REAL words, straight from the heart – we connected immediately! She blows me away with her incredible words of wisdom from someone so young, a beautiful soul who’s light shines both inside and out. Here is one of her soulful pieces, shared with her permission…

Soul letter: to you

Dear you who is reading this right now.

Do you know how beautiful you are when you smile?

It’s that electric sensation you get, when you catch a glimpse into someone elses happiness – that’s you.

And every time that you believe in yourself that little bit more, and those steps that you take that started out wobbly, turn into strong, confident strides – that’s you.

You know that time that you thought that you had messed up so bad that you’d never be able to fix it? But then you dealt with it, you learnt from it, you took everything it gave you and you made it into something else, something that helped you to grow – that’s you.

Cheri Charles

All the times that life threw you curveballs and you ducked and dived and ducked some more, existing, surviving, but not yet living – you saw lightness. You knew that “this too shall pass” and pass it did. What a strong woman that is – that’s you.

Life races by and you race to keep up, “maybe it’ll slow down soon. Maybe I’ll find some peace”, you might have once thought. It drew you back to mindfulness, it drew you back to the moment, it drew you back to that sweet grounding spot – that’s you.

Orchid Villa

You’ve felt strongly, thought endlessly and seen what lies beneath the world around you. You know that it’s not the ‘things’, the ‘achievements’, or the external that can look so pretty, even when inside is nothing close. Your wealth comes from a special place, one worth its weight in gold.

Your power doesn’t come from doing, it comes from being and by being you and only you are you inspiring this world.

Your personality is infectious when you release every part of it, rather than keeping those “different” parts hidden. Every time you’re caught off guard and you laugh out loud at the smallest thing, that’s when you’re the most beautiful.

You might be a mother, daughter, sister, cousin, friend, but even without those everyday labels to define you, you are enough. Being you is the best gift that there is.

Heartbreak, loss, anger, frustration, hopelessness, grief – I have no doubt that at one stage or another, your life has been shaken from the bottom up and it might have even happened without you realising it. You’ve experienced this world in a way that will serve others.

Do you truly know how incredible you are, especially in those moments when there’s no one in this world that can see you? It’s never going to fade and there is not a thing that you can do to ever lose it.

Shine bright

I don’t need to see your belongings, your face, your body, your credentials, to know that. I just know that if you’re reading this right now, that you are alive and that your heart is worth more than anything you’ve heard, seen or thought otherwise.

If you don’t know how wild and extraordinary you are already, then your day is coming very, very soon.

Chin up beautiful, it’s time to celebrate all that you are and all that you’ve always been.

xxx R

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