Words have power – what’s your WORD for 2016?

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Words have powerAs the current year draws to an end I start thinking about a word that resonates with me for what I want the intention for the new year to be…the energy I want to bring to that year to fulfill my dreams.



I’ve been doing this for the past 3 years and it works so well for me. Whenever I feel myself slipping from my path or getting wobbly over things, I remember my word and immediately feel the connection again and get back on track.

Some years it’s hard to think of the one word I want to embody for the coming year. I really have to think about what I want for that next year and feel into it. It has to FEEL right. It has to connect.

We attract what we feel - The Master Shift FB

The first year I did this was 2013. My word for that year was TRUST and boy did I have to trust. That was the year I spent 5 months in Bali on my own inward journey and adventure – it was the best year of my life (so far).

2014 was all about COMMITTMENT. Committing to myself and committing to others. Keeping that determination and focus.

And this year, 2015 has been CREATE – I create an awesome life! And it’s happening, I see and feel the progress and I know without a doubt what I’m creating for my future.

I haven’t had to think too hard about my word for 2016 as it flows beautifully from my word for 2015, it’s the culmination of the past three years work, both intentionally and sub consciously.

And so, my word for 2016 is…


Yummy isn’t it!? I have slowly but surely been setting my vision and intention for this for a few years now, and the baby steps I have taken, within myself to be ready, and in the physical world to make it happen, are all about to come together to make it my reality.

I am SO EXCITED for 2016, it’s my FREEDOM year – yeeha!!

Live a life

Do you choose a word each year? If you do, what is yours for 2016?

If you don’t, how about choosing one now. What would you like 2016 to be for you?

Please share in the comments, we’d love to know.

As 2015 draws to a close, I would like to once again thank my loyal followers for sticking around. I’m sorry I haven’t been as active as in the past but I’m still here and so are you and I truly appreciate that!

Here’s a little something you might like to do to help you close off 2015 and get ready for 2016…My friend Zivana Vincent’s Annual Personal Planner is a fabulous tool I use each year. It’s super easy to follow, all the prompts are there for you, and it only takes around an hour – I highly recommend it.

Dreaming about writing a book in 2016? Then join me in Bali in August 2016 on my Writers Retreat and I’ll ensure you get on your way!

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  1. The quote you have placed in this blog so resonates with my thoughts for 2016! ALIVE is my word for the new year. Great to read of your journey so far using this approach, Paula.

  2. I love this idea. Having a word always in the back of your head helps in keeping focused. I’m going to make my word for the year “COURAGE” as I feel the fear of failure has somewhat stood in my path a fair bit this year. So there you go – a year of courageous living coming right up. Thanks Paula!

  3. Oh I love this word idea! Freedom is so great, I want to steal it haha. It would have to be a toss up between free and love for me. Free from the things that have held me back in the past, free to create the life I want to live, or love – more love for myself, despite my flaws and mistakes, letting more love into my life and love for the life I’m creating.

    May 2016 bring you plenty of freedom!

    • There’s plenty of freedom to share Christel! Love your LOVE too and totally resonate with what you’ve written – thank you for sharing and may 2016 bring you amazing LOVE! (and freedom lol) xx

  4. This is our second year of having a context word! We just decided that last year was going to be the year of EXCELLENCE. 2016 is our year of RESULTS! Which is very exciting to say the least and a great place to be in with new projects starting!

    Good luck with creating freedom, what a cool context for the year!!

    • Thanks Serena! I love your word for 2016 and absolutely know you are heading for fantastic RESULTS!! 🙂
      I’m looking forward to creating freedom this year, so it frees me up to do the things I WANT to do, not HAVE to do…changes/plans are afoot…watch this space 🙂

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