What is well-being and where can I find it?

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An article by Tanette Hickey from Red Retreats…

What do you do for your own well-being?
How do you reset the hard drive?
What do you do with the days, weeks, months, years of accumulated stress?
Where do you go when you know that change is necessary?
How do you begin to have personal relationships, which are fulfilling for you and others?
How can you calm the fast mind and find some peace from your own harsh critic?
How do you even begin to tap into the direction and meaning you would like to create in your life?
Where do you begin to be a part of your community?
How do you stop being your own worst critic?


These are the questions that each of us will face in our life time, and the arrival of triggers such as ill -health, chaos, stress, lack of direction will often be the catalysis for the change that we know must happen.

How that looks and what we need are different for each individual, but you can be sure that most humans at some level are striving for health, vitality, belonging, and direction.

– That every physical body responds well to nutritious food, and exercise

– That each human mind grows and expands with the right stimulation

– And that every human heart feels full when connected to a meaningful purpose and community

The key to finding the answers to these questions and more is what makes up our life experiences and often experiencing what we don’t want catapults into taking on the adventure of creating what we do want to have, be and share.

The definition of well-being and what constitutes well-being differs from person to person but there are some attributes which are more than likely to ring true for most of us;

fantailThese may include:

        • Well-being is waking up in the morning with energy and vitality for the day ahead
        • Well-being is being able to have time to relax and actually be able to switch the thoughts off
        • Well-being is being able to have a healthy mind and body which is robust
        • Well-being is being with illness in one part of our life but remembering it is not the whole of who we are
        • Well-being is being able to be resilient and be able to call on a deeper trust when times are hard
        • Well-being is getting control of the harsh critic inside and learning to be kind to ourselves
        • Well-being is seeing the good in us as well as others
  • Well-being is being a part of a community and being able to offer our gifts and talents
  • Well-being is having personal meaning and direction to our work, our day, and our life path
  • Well-being is being able to have a good gut laugh
  • Well-being is being able to have a good deep cry
  • Well-being is being able to communicate to others what is happening for us on the inside and what our needs are.
  • Well-being is taking responsibility to having our healthy needs met
  • Well-being is having time to play
  • Well-being is being creative
  • Well-being is having time to give

…and on the list goes.

Ultimately………..well-being is about taking responsibility for our own well-being!

So, well-being is a journey, a life time of exploration where our internal compass will point us in the direction of health if we only give ourselves some space to listen.

spring retreatTanette and the team at Red Retreats have an upcoming Women’s Well-Being Spring Retreat in Otaki 7-11 November.

For more information on this and other retreats please visit their website.

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