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What's your excuse?You know what it’s like, when all of a sudden you have taken on too much and it all has to be done by a certain time.  That feeling of pressure, of overwhelm.  Where do I start? What do I do first?  It paralyses you and you end up procrastinating and not doing anything…and then the pressure builds because the deadline is looming…and you’re still not doing anything…

It’s so easy to get distracted, put things off.  “I’ll do it tomorrow”, “I’ll do it at the weekend”.  Tomorrow comes, the weekend comes and instead you get on Facebook, watch TV, go out for a coffee with friends…anything but the job at hand waiting to get done.

What’s with that?  It’s so frustrating!

I’ve found myself in this cycle recently and I’m feeling pressure that I’m not accomplishing things I feel I need to be doing.

Read that again – “I’m not accomplishing things I feel I need to be doing”.  This feeling is coming from me, not anyone else, me.

You know the “not good enough” fairy?  Or the “you’re letting people down” fairy.  I’m sure they visit you as well…Thing is both these fairies are invisible and only live in our minds.  The good news is – they can be trained!

I have this procrastination thing whereby I don’t like to start something unless I can finish it in one hit, because I have a habit of starting things and then getting distracted for a bit and then never getting back to them.

So, after having a session with my wonderful coach and support person Zivana Anderson we came up with some simple strategies to help overcome this problem.

1.         Reprioritise when time is short

Do you REALLY have to check Facebook tonight?

Do you REALLY have to cook dinner or could a takeaway do for tonight so you can get some work done?

Do you REALLY have to take the kids to their team practise and wait for them or could you get someone else to do it for you?

Do you REALLY need to do the housework or could it wait until the weekend?

 2.         Give yourself permission

You are NOT Wonderwoman or Superman, give yourself a break.  The world will not end if some things don’t get done in lieu of finishing your project or if your project takes a couple of weeks longer to finish.

3.         Change your mindset

Life has a habit of getting in the way of our plans sometimes.  Unexpected illness happens, people decide to visit, you plan a holiday, someone leaves work unexpectedly and the workload increases…The internal pressure you put on yourself to try and do everything does not help you so change the thought.  Give yourself permission (see above) to just do what you can do. It’s only temporary and it’s ok.  Truly.

4.         Chunk it down

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the WHOLE project, chunk it down into bite size bits and make a start.

For example – I started writing a book in 2011 when in Bali.  But I haven’t done anything more on it since being back home because I feel I need a one-two hour slot to sit down and get in the writing mood to make it happen.  So it’s sat there in limbo land for the past 18 months getting no further.  If I had of spent say 15-30 minutes every day or even three times a week and did a bit here and there, well, I think I’d have pretty much got my first rough draft done by now…

5.         Make an appointment with YOURSELF

You make an appointment to see your dentist, doctor, coach, business partner, so make an appointment with yourself to put your bum in the chair, or get the tools out of the toolbox or the brushes and paint out of the cupboard and start.

Give yourself a 30 minute or one hour hour time slot to get started and then – START.

That’s just what I’ve done, to get two articles written for this blog.  I made a time Saturday afternoon, gave myself one hour (which has turned into three because the time flys!) and sat my bum in the chair and STARTED.  Now I have two articles done and I’m feeling rather good about that…and I didn’t open Facebook once..


 Of course the other thing you can do is give me a call…I’ll gladly help where I can: www.hiredhelp.nz

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  1. Good on you Paula and looking forward to hearing your Bali stories again. x A

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