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HappyI recently completed a three week series of daily inspirational video’s called “The Secrets to Lasting Happiness”.  In the midst of sinking into doom and gloom over my situation and pushing against ‘what is’ (something I do really well), I came across Bec Robbins and her ‘happiness’ series and to be honest it’s been the catalyst I needed to come out of my fog and into the light of living again…phew!!!!!

I marvel at Bec’s beauty, openess, honesty and genuine love for what she does.

I would like to share an awesome video Bec sent after the end of the course. We often hear phrases – just ‘be‘, ‘be‘ in the now etc.   Here, Bec explains very clearly and easily what this means and I think she powerfully hits the nail on the head and makes the full understanding easier to grasp.

Here I share her words and video with you:

We are all comprised of 4 Aspects: the body, the mind, the emotions and the spirit, and we habitually identify “who we are” with one or more of these aspects.

When we are hurt, angry, frustrated or confused, we are identifying “who we are” with our body, emotions or mind.

We say: “You bruised me,” instead of “You bruised my body.”

“You betrayed me,” instead of, “you triggered a thought in my mind that stimulated an emotion in my body.”

The truth is, your body, mind and emotions are expressions of “who you are” but not “who you are” exclusively. When we are in our BEINGNESS we are identifying “who we are” with our spiritual aspect. The spiritual aspect of who we are is immune to physical or emotional sensation. When we pull back from our outer expressions and sit back into our spiritual aspect, our BEINGNESS, we are immune from experiencing hurt.

If you’ve ever wondered how BEINGNESS can help you overcome the bad days or you just want to get a bit more clarity on the buzz around this esoteric word, watch this vlog below where I share:

*What your BEINGNESS is and another word for it

*The unique features of BEINGNESS

*A simple tool to leverage your BEINGNESS and relieve ourselves from undesirable sensations


Bec has a new series underway called “Breaking Through to Happiness from Within”, just click the picture below and the link will take you there, and best of all – IT’S FREE!

Happy from Within

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