The River of Change…

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Trust the journey

I’m torn to be writing this actually. Because there’s millions of people in the world that don’t have a choice. Their only choice IS to exist. To do what they can every day just to try and put food on their table and have a roof over their head (if they’re lucky).

It’s an inside job – to be at peace, to be happy with your lot in life. And of course it ebbs and flows to varying degrees. Mostly.

I’ve been to 3rd world countries and seen first-hand how people HAVE to live. They have no choice. And it’s heart breaking. Most of the time they are the most generous and happy people I’ve ever met. They have nothing materially, but they have everything internally/spiritually.

In the western world we seem to do it the other way around. Have all the nice things on the outside, but inside we are empty and slowly dying…crazy isn’t it?

And so, once again, I’m at a crossroads in life. Part of me is scared shitless, the other part excited and eager. I’ve been here before…I can do it again.

“Choose to do more than just exist, choose to live” Dr Steve Maraboli

So here I am, my soul drowning in ‘existing’, all the while screaming at me: “There’s more to life than this! Life is for living – go LIVE!”

And I’m lucky, because I have a choice. I can keep existing in my comfortable little bubble that I’ve been in for the past 2 years (that I chose) – good full-time job, comfy house to rent, good food on my table, fabulous friends and some fun from time to time. Or I can say: “No, I need more, there IS more for me and I’m going to go find it”.

It’s ‘Ground-Hog Day’ Monday to Friday. Every day is more or less the same. I’m giving my time and energy to an employer that is really only interested in my productivity. They are not interested in me as an individual, my individual needs, or what I contribute to the company. It’s all about profits and keeping everyone in the same controllable box. There’s no room for flexibility or individuality.

So I’m needing to shake things up again. And for those of you who have been following me all these years and know me well, when I shake things up it’s usually far from the ‘normal’ thing to do (like change jobs or get a new hobby).

So this time I choose to jump off the cliff – again. I love myself and I value myself enough to say NO – I’m outta here! So I have resigned from my “good, stable, safe” job and I’m going to Bali for 3 months to have an adventure. Again. And I know for some, that will seem a crazy, stupid thing to do…

The river of change…I need to disconnect, I need to unplug from the familiar in order to make way for the new. To rewire, to be open to receive the wonderful magical syncronicities, experiences and people to come into my life. To make change happen from the inside and this time to make it stick!

This isn’t some 5 minute whim that I’m actioning. I’ve been thinking of this for a L O N G time. Back in 2011 when I was at the end of my first 5 month transformation in Bali, I remember standing in a beautiful retreat centre, feeling so full of love and potential, and vowing to myself I wasn’t going back in the “box”. Well, our conditioning and belief systems are tough nuts to crack and that’s exactly where I ended up.

Check out this awesome video from Dr Joe Dispenza on exactly how we operate (just click on the picture):

Dr Joe Dispenza

BUT I’m grateful for that. Because I KNOW at my deepest level that the box just isn’t for me. I’ve outgrown it in so many ways and now have to find another way to be in the world, to live and survive…no, actually to THRIVE!

“You are outgrowing what has previously worked. You have exhausted one way of doing life. It is a moment for change. It is a moment for reckoning”

– Kute Blackson

And so a new journey/chapter begins…forever evolving and changing. That’s why we’re here isn’t it? To grow into the best versions of ourselves…

My new ‘Bible’ is Kute Blackson’s “You.Are.The.One”. I get it. I’m doing it. I just hope I keep the strength and courage to continue the journey I’m starting…to TRUST fully, to believe all will be well.

“Stop pretending you’re a light bulb when you are really the sun”

“Life might give you what you want. Life may never give you what you want. But you can always give life who you are.”

From Kute Blackson’s book – You.Are.The.One.

Kute Blackson

Am I scared – actually no. I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster for the past 3 months over my decision. But I know on every level what I am doing is the right thing for me at this time. The alternative is mind numbing and soul destroying. Do I trust the Universe that all will be well – yes, that’s been my experience so far, even though at times it’s been frigging hard – but I survived, and I grew.

Danielle La porte

“In the fear, in the uncertainty, is the invitation of life” – Kute Blackson

And that’s why I continue to share my journey with you, to put it out there into the world…I’m just an ordinary every-day kinda girl, trying to find my ‘thing’…the ‘thing’ that will make my soul sing and dance, instead of being held back by decades of conditioning and beliefs that aren’t serving me.

If, by sharing my journey with people, I give inspiration to just one person to do the same, then I’ve made a difference. And if that person then does the same, and so on, and so on, imagine the change that would happen in the world…imagine if we were all giving instead of taking…

“Who you are is a gift. By not sharing who you really are with the world, you are robbing them of something they need.”

– Kute Blackson

It’s time to access my apple tree…

With heartfelt love and gratitude to you all for continuing to be on this journey with me. For your continued love and support.



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