The Power of Words…

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CommitmentLast year (2013) my word was TRUST and whenever I got overwhelmed, afraid, unsure, or experienced any of those more negative-type feelings I remembered that word and immediately felt more calm and peaceful about what was going on. So TRUST I did, and what an incredible year I had – absolutely magical.

To be honest, I was quite emotional to let 2013 go because it had been such an amazing year for me. I knew the word I had chosen and the intention I had set at midnight on New Year’s eve 2012 set in motion how 2013 unfolded. And so, entering into 2014, I wanted to create more magic and have a word that would set the mood and intention for this coming year.

After writing down countless words that popped into my head or that caught my eye when reading something, I narrowed it down to about three, but they still didn’t FEEL right.  As I started to write this post about the word I thought I had finally settled on and was trawling through my thousands of photos to create my ‘word poster’, I still wasn’t sure it was the right one…

And then suddenly, there it was – just like last year when I saw something online and knew straight away that’s what my word was.  This time I was looking through the photos of my time at the Yayasan in Tianyar, Bali. The photos of the lesson we taught them about COMMITMENT = Success = Dreams Come True – Don’t give up! That was it – I’d finally found my word:



Resta is a fantastic young man who is sponsored by my friend Brent

Definition of commitment in English:



1 [mass noun] the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.

Yogi and Heather Yelland

Yogi and Heather Yelland at Green Super Camp 2013

So together with the energy of TRUST I now step into 2014 with… COMMITMENT!

  • Commitment to build the business foundations I need that will support my lifestyle of travelling to Bali every year to spend time with my beloved Yogi and Ari and the other children at the Yayasan.
  • Commitment to get a Group Sponsorship programme going so others can have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of these children.
  • Commitment to have Yogi attend Green Super Camp in Bali again this year and for at least three others from his village to join him.
  • Commitment to look after my body better – to get exercising again and re-build my fitness, to go to Yoga or Pilates to help my back, to eat more healthy.
  • Commitment to have my 50th birthday in March be truly memorable and FUN!
  • Commitment to be authentic and speak my truth, even when it’s difficult to do so.
  • To have gratitude every day for my freedom of choice.

Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality – Abraham Lincoln

So, in the times I feel lazy, feel overwhelmed, feel scared, I will bring my WORD to mind and that will keep me on my path…so watch this space, there’s a lot to unfold this year and I know many of you will help me make it happen…

Yayasan Widyasari

Our awesome class at Widyasari Yayasan, Tianyar, Bali 2013

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