The Chakra System – Your 7 Keys to Freedom

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FreedomWhether we are conscious of them or not, we all have chakras – bright wheels of energy, spinning within our bodies. We have seven major chakras, and each of them has a different function and energy.  And, while they exist within our bodies, their influence extends far beyond the physical.  Natalie Southgate from Chakradance explains more…

Your chakras influence the health of:

  • your physical body
  • your energetic body or aura
  • your spirit
  • your emotions
  • your intellect

So, when we make a commitment to create a balanced and healthy chakra system, we are making a commitment to holistic and ultimate health.

Your chakra system holds within it your ancestral records, your relationship history, your beliefs about yourself and your power, and your connection to the Divine.  The health of your chakras is therefore directly connected to your physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

When we consciously work with our chakras, and choose to balance their energy and optimise their programming, we can literally change our own energy.  When we are energetically healthy, we vibrate at a different frequency.  This new frequency, or vibration, can attract to us wonderful new situations, opportunities and people.

Discovering the keys

We have seven chakras, starting from the base of our spinal column, progressing upwards in a vertical line to our crown at the very top of our head.  Think of a line running straight up the centre of your body, from your perineum to the crown of your head – this is the line your chakras are positioned along.

Human Chakra's

Each of your chakras has a unique purpose and they are all connected energetically.  So, while we may have an imbalance in only one, we truly need to work with them all as a system.

You may wish to focus on one chakra at certain times – for example, if you are having trouble speaking, or suffering from a sore throat, you may wish to focus on the throat chakra.  While this approach can be helpful, the most beneficial of all approaches allows each one to share the attention.

While they are all connected, each of your seven chakras has a profound influence on a particular aspect of your physical, energetic, and mental health:-

Base chakra – your bones and teeth; your relationship with your family; your sense of security; and your instincts.

Sacral chakra – your reproductive system; your relationship with your emotions; your desires and sensuality.

Solar Plexus chakra – your digestive system; your personal power and energy; your will-power and drive.

Heart chakra – your respiratory system; how you love and allow love into your life; your empathy with others, and your opening to compassion.

Throat chakra – your ears, nose and throat; your self-expression (what you speak of, how you speak of others, the quality of your words and speech); your creativity.

Third eye chakra – your eyes; your intuition, imagination, and ability to visualise; your psychic abilities

Crown chakra – your brain and central nervous system; your spirituality, expanding your awareness

Not only do the chakras correspond to major glands and organs in the physical body, they also directly relate to everyday events.  Quick to tears?  It could be an indication of a sacral imbalance.  Domineering?  Perhaps your solar plexus is overloaded.  Pain in your legs?  Look to the base chakra.

The chakras are storehouses of the symptoms of our day-to-day problems but they also hold the solutions.  By working with each one, we activate those solutions.

Healing practices for the chakras

Each of the seven chakras relates to specific colours and it’s no accident that together they embrace the complete rainbow spectrum.  When we find the true rhythm and harmony that comes with balancing our chakras, life takes on its true colours!

Here are some different ways that you can harmonise, balance, soothe and restore your system…

Colour visualisation is a powerful way of balancing our chakras and bringing greater vibrancy into our lives.  Simply breath in the colour related to each chakra while focusing your attention on the location of the chakra.  Do this for a minute or so for each chakra.

Base chakra –   red; Sacral chakra –orange; Solar plexus chakra– yellow; Heart chakra – green; Throat chakra – blue; Third eye chakra – indigo; Crown chakra – violet

Dance and music through Chakradance® – blending free-flowing movements with particular frequencies of sound, Chakradance is a dynamic dance journey through the 7 chakras. There are a growing number of accredited Chakradance facilitators running classes, courses and retreats. For details, visit

Alternatively, you can try an introduction to chakradance in the comfort of your own home by downloading ‘Chakradance – 7 Keys to Freedom’ from the Apple i-tunes store.

Crystals – specific crystals can be placed on each chakra for clearing, revitalising and healing.  You may even choose to carry a specific crystal with you during your day.

Base chakra – hematite, garnet, bloodstone, onyx, rubyHealing the body with crystals

Sacral chakra – moonstone, carnelian, golden topaz

Solar plexus chakra – yellow citrine, sunstone

Heart chakra – rose quartz, emerald, jade

Throat chakra – turquoise, aquamarine, sodalite

Third eye chakra – lapiz lazuli, sapphire

Crown chakra – clear quartz, diamond, white jade

You can simply buy your own crystals and experiment at home, or Google “crystal therapist” and your location, to find a practitioner who can help you explore this way of working with your chakras in more depth.

Essential Oils – specific oils can be used in massage treatments, burned in an oil burner, or you may even add a few drops in to your bath.

Base chakra – cedarwood, patchouli, musk

Sacral chakra – rose geranium, rose, sandalwood

Solar plexus chakra – bergamot, vetiver, ylang ylang

Heart chakra – rosewood, rose, bergamot

Throat chakra – eucalyptus, lavender, chamomile

Third eye chakra – basil, rose geranium sandalwood and thyme

Crown chakra – frankincense, rosemary

Resources for further exploration

If you want to learn more about the chakra system and ways to work with your chakras, I have found the following books and websites to be useful:

Wheels of Life, Anodea Judith, Llewellyn, 1987, revised 1999, new cover 2011

Easter Body Western Mind, Celestial Arts, first edition 1997, revised 2004

Sacred Centers –

Chakradance –

Chakradance on facebook –

Natalie SouthgateAbout Natalie

Natalie is passionate about how dance, music and the chakras can help people discover a deeper connection to their true selves, helping them find happier, more balanced lives. She founded Chakradance in 1998 while working and studying in London.

As well as leading Chakradance, Natalie is a trained healer and psychotherapist, author, and mother of two beautiful souls. She has run workshops at Deepak Chopras Center in California, led thousands through Chakradance at Doreen Virtues Angel Intuitive courses, and runs regular classes and workshops in Australia.

For  information on workshops, facilitator training, retreats, itunes downloads and more visit Natalie’s website.Chakradance

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