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YogaI would like to introduce you to a very inspiring friend of mine, Christine Balzer-Gibbs from Wellington, New Zealand.  Christine is one of those authentic people who walk their talk, has loads of experience and wisdom and loves helping people on their journey to wellness through her wide range of body and mind healing techniques…

Christine, you are a registered Naturopath, Yoga teacher, Touch for Health teacher, and Avatar master.  What has sent you on this varied path of healing?

In 1978 after I had trained and taught as a primary teacher for a few years I travelled and spent time in America.  I ended up working on a salmon fishing ship in the Alusian Islands, Alaska. I had a serious accident on the boat when the cable broke on a platform lift while I was taking a load of salmon into the freezer and I fell 30ft onto a concrete, freezer floor and fractured my skull and a thoracic vertebra.

Because the medical profession didn’t provide any solutions for my brain injury, this sent me on a mission to find natural ways of healing myself. I discovered Touch for Health which provided some answers to balancing my brain, restoring coordination and assisted me greatly with releasing shock and trauma from my body.

Soon after, I moved to Australia and studied to be a Touch for Health instructor and taught classes while I studied at the NSW College of Naturopathy in Sydney. I then got drawn to practicing yoga to relieve pain in my body and ended up going to  India  for 6 months to study to be a yoga teacher.

Later I became an Avatar master and taught Avatar courses for many years. Avatar is an empowering course that made a huge difference in my ability to see myself as source and creator of my life. I was able to heal the mental limitations that kept me doubting myself and kept me a victim.

I am a great believer in the power of creating our own reality and find in all the healing work I do it is the mind/body work that inspires me and where I see the quickest healing results for myself and the people I work with.

You traveled to India to study Yoga tell us about that experience.

In 1984 I went to visit  Maha Babaji in the Himalayas and had a remarkable experience. This opened up a deep desire to study yoga so I made my way to South India to study with Dr Swami Gitananda who was running a 6 month teachers yoga course in Pondicherry.

This was complete immersion into a very simple Ashram life with disciplined yoga training. Rising at 4am to meditate, doing Pranayama, then 2 hours of Hatha yoga before breakfast. We underwent periods of many days of silence and fasting, chanting and toward the end we practiced many of the higher Kriya yoga practices that can only be passed on by a yoga master after sustained yoga practice.

I feel privileged to have had a very authentic yogic training and still return to India often to get a dose of the true spiritual vibrations of Mother India.

Christine Yoga 1Christine Yoga

Do you see evidence that what we think consciously and subconsciously affects our body and how it functions?

Absolutely.  We are more than just our physical body. In yoga we understand that we have 5 bodies surrounding us and 7 chakras and each of these layers and vortices can hold unresolved memories, emotions and thought patterns that also connect with our subconscious mind.

All painful, traumatic or negative patterns cause disturbances in our minds and energy fields and in turn impact directly on our physical body creating diseases.

I find it extremely useful to uncover sabotaging unconscious beliefs to break the patterns of health related issues. Many times these old beliefs were formed when we were very young, vulnerable and afraid, so it takes a bit of courage to explore but once these unhelpful beliefs surface and the untruth of them is seen we can let them go, they fade away and our health improves.

The more we can let go of the FEAR the more we can relax and heal.

What is Touch for Health Kinesiology and how does it work?

Well, your body knows exactly what you need and what the priorities are to bring about health and balance. Touch For Health Kinesiology is a healing communication system.  It works to access the body’s wisdom using muscle monitoring as a biofeedback tool.  It helps identify imbalances in the structural, biochemical, mental and emotional bodies. With this information it combines Western and Eastern healing techniques to stimulate healing responses.  This restores balance to the whole person in a gentle and respectful way.


It is well documented that in stressful and traumatic experiences, emotions such as anger, fear, grief and sadness (that are unable to be expressed at the time) can negatively affect our health well after the event that caused them. I use Kinesiology to access and release these emotions without having to revisit painful experiences.  As the body is recalibrating I get the client to verbalise, visualise and future pace the desired positive outcome using NLP and Touch For Health goal balancing.

This gives the body and mind positive new options to expand into better health and wellbeing.

In 1981 I was trained by Dr John Thie, the originator of the Touch for Health System of Kinesiology.  I have been teaching Touch for Health courses and working with clients one-on-one since then.  I have studied many other Kinesiology courses and have adapted my own approach. I deeply value the simplicity and beauty of Kinesiology as a healing art.

I like to teach these skills to people so they can heal themselves and their family and friends.

You work with many people who have food allergies and intolerances, what methods do you use to help them and how does it work?

As a Naturopath I  take a case study and get as much information about the person’s health and identify when the allergy or intolerance started. I often find there was stress or trauma at the same time the allergy developed.

The immune system goes into high alert and connects the food and the experience as a threat and then later when that food is eaten the immune system still connects the food as a danger and creates a reaction and intolerance to it.

I use Kinesiology to identify the specific foods and substances that create stress and weakness, then use a range of tools (acupressure point stimulation, TFH emotional release techniques and affirmations) to de-sensitise the body to the allergen and reprogram the mind and body with healthy healing thoughts and beliefs, together with a period of elimination.

I also look to restore healthy bacteria back into the gut and guide people toward a diet that is easy for them to digest. Sometimes digestive enzymes, herbs and supplements may be needed to restore balance in the digestive system.

You also work with people to detox their systems. Is this an easy process or do you need to live on juices and soups and feel hungry all the time?

I find because we are exposed to a lot more toxins in our diet, environment and even in our emotions, it is important to give the overworked organs of elimination (bowel, liver, kidneys, skin and respiratory systems) a well earned rest from time to time.

In my clinic I use some good herbal detox kits that clean the bowel and clear up pathogens from the system as well as the liver and kidneys. I also use homeopathic products to clean and improve the lymphatic system so detoxification and healing can take place at a cellular level.

When the body can’t deal with toxins and stress, it dumps them into the space between the vessels, lymph and connective tissue or stores it in the fat cells and it stays there until we perform some sort of detoxification. It is a different process for everyone and a Naturopath is a good person to advise you on the right one for you.

If you are not well it would need to be a very gentle process as it requires a lot of effort for the body to detox. Fasting on juice or water is very extreme and I do not recommend that, unless under supervision and only with certain constitutions.

Everybody can take a few days from time to time to lay off the coffee, sugar, meat and fats and eat just soups, fruits, vegetables, smoothies and drink lots of water. You might have headaches for a day of two as your liver detoxifies but you will feel lighter and brighter and healthier.

In India the traditional medical system is called Ayurveda. Pancha karma (detoxification) is a very important part of the healing system. I studied the basics of Ayurveda in India last year and have a deep appreciation for the ancient art and science. I have also enjoyed some of the Pancha karma treatments  and I am taking a group of people to Kerala in November to have a health holiday and a 10 day Pancha Karma.

What are 5 key things people can do to stay healthy in Winter?

    1. Eat a warm cooked breakfast and plenty of light nourishing soups with ginger, cinnamon, cardimon, black pepper  to keep the digestive fire burning and give you sustained energy. Drink warm water intsead of cold, it flushes toxins out easier.
    2. Get out in the sun whenever you can. Take 1000 milligrams of Vit D and Vit C to boost the immune system and prevent SAD (seasonal affective disorder)
    3. A brisk walk everyday while doing deep breathing (not on the road though) or dance around in your living room to cool beats and rhythms.
    4. Do 3 Salute To The Sun yoga exercises in the morning when you wake up.

  1. At the onset of a cold, recognise it as a sign you need to slow down, nurture yourself and get some love and attention. Follow the old fashioned recipe: 1. Have a bath with Eucalyptus or Lavender oil. 2.Take an extra dose of Vit C, Olive leaf, Echinacea etc  3. Get someone to make you a hot cup of lemon, honey and plenty of ginger to sweat it out and cuddle up in bed and go to sleep. You will be fine in the morning.

Christine holds regular Yoga classes, workshops and trainings so make sure you contact her with your details so she can keep you advised of upcoming events. 



16 September 2012 – Exploring Consciousness  & Meditation Workshop – contact Christine for further details.




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