Stepping Up to New Experiences…

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Stepping upStepping into the unknown and unfamiliar is very scary…imagine a 13 year old boy from a small village in Bali, travelling away from his home, his family, to embark on a special Super Camp, with children from 11 different countries…having to eat strange food,  and speak English for a whole week, which he has never ever had to do before…that takes courage!

I am so proud of Yogi.  He is totally willing to courageously step into the unknown, as scary and unfamiliar as it may be.  He knows the importance of this opportunity to go to the Green Super Camp and he’s committed to it 100%.

So, with Super Camp in less than a week and with a long list of ‘suggested packing’, Yogi needed some new clothes, shoes and a bag to put it all in!

We hired a car and took him to Amlapura (about 1.5hours from Tianyar) to go shopping at the local ‘department store’ where we thought we’d have no problem getting what he needed.

This was a totally new experience for Yogi.   He has never been shopping in a store like this and has never had so many clothes brought for him.  He doesn’t need lots of clothes at home because he lives such a simple life – school, play and ceremonies. He has a school uniform and special ceremony clothing so his only other clothes are casual ones to run around in.

Yogi is 13 but he’s very small.  The smallest size teenage clothes were too big for him and the largest size children’s were too small!  Anyway, after four hours in the store, trying to get what we could, we had pretty much shopped the place out of things that would fit him.

Yogi Shopping

He loved it and had a ball trying on this and that and deciding if it was ok or not.  With the limited selection he did very well and had a shopping trolley full of clothing, shoes and a bag.


I managed to get a couple more things at a local shop in Tianyar so by the end of the mission to get him kitted out, he was sweet.

Sunday 30 June saw us pick Yogi up early from home and start the 3.5 hour journey to Ubud for the night.  The children here are not used to travelling in cars and generally get car sick quite easily.  Unfortunately this was the case with Yogi and we had only been going about 45minutes when the inevitable happened, and even though we stopped for a break he was pretty green for the rest of the trip.

We arrived in Ubud just before lunch, booked into our accommodation and then went and met Rick and Lita and their gorgeous girls for lunch.  This was also Yogi’s first time to Ubud which is a crazy place compared to Tianyar and Tulumben – many more people, cars, motorbikes, shops etc.  

As we were walking to lunch he was looking here, there and everywhere trying to take it all in.  I didn’t think he would eat much for lunch after the very long car ride and feeling so sick but I was wrong!  He polished off Sate chicken, rice, egg, pineapple juice and then had room for Gelato 🙂.

After saying goodbye to Rick, Lita and the girls, we headed to Ubud market to get a couple of last minute things for him, another drink on the way back to our homestay and then a couple of hours to relax and chill.

Yogi Relaxing

Then it was time for dinner.  There were a few eateries around where we were staying and one of them across the road was a nice looking pizza place with wood fired pizza.  We asked Yogi what he felt like, had he had pizza before?  No.  Ok, shall we try pizza then?  Ok.  So we went and had pizza – another first for him.


He polished off about three large pieces and a watermelon drink and then he was done.  We asked him if he liked it but he said not really…it’s a very different flavour from nasi (rice) morning, noon and night so his taste buds haven’t acquired preference for much else at this stage.

Anyway, it was a delight to share these new experiences with him, it’s good practise for the week he’s got ahead at camp :-).

Monday 1 July saw us leave early again, this time for the Bali Green School which is about 40minutes out of Ubud.  We arrived with plenty of time for Yogi’s registration and were pointed in the direction of the large open air ‘hall’ by the playing field.

Many children and their Parents were lined up doing their registration. Everything was very well organised (they’ve done this many times before) and everyone was very welcoming and friendly.  I was nervous for Yogi…we asked him if he had butterflies in his tummy – “yes”. 

This was a huge thing for him – first time away from home, first time with many Western and Asian children, children he did not know, people he did not know.  I am proud he had the courage and strength to face his fear and do it – that’s my boy 🙂.

And then it was time to leave him.  Of course there were tears.  I now appreciate (somewhat) what it’s like for Mother’s to send their babies off to school for the first time – watching them take those first tentative steps into the big wide world, to learn to find their independence. 

I told Yogi to have an awesome time, to enjoy every minute of it and that I loved him very much.  He said “Thank you for this opportunity Paula and I love you too”.  He and Brent said their special goodbye’s too and then he wandered off to join the group who had started connecting and playing a group game with the term leaders.

Supercamp Day 1

As I walked away, back to the car, I was full of emotion and had to duck to the loo for a good cry!  Knowing that this week was potentially a major turning point for Yogi and his future and that my dream of getting him to the Bali Green School had been realised, it was a pretty overwhelming moment, we had both come a long way… 


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  1. Awww this is gorgeous, I can’t wait to read the next one now! What a fantastic experience for Yogi. It is so great what you are doing Paula! xx

    • Thanks Serena, it’s been a pretty special time for both of us…helping Yogi like this is part of my life’s purpose – I’m rock solid sure of that…feels so good to help someone who appreciates it and deserves it…he’s such a shining star 🙂

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