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SidemanI’m in love – with Sideman!  Its stunning untouched, unspoilt landscape…its peace and quiet. The real Balinese countryside. It’s what Ubud used to be like 30 years ago.    Smiling, hardworking people in the fields, not harassing you to buy anything.  It’s a salve for the soul.

We decided to stay in Sideman (Sid e min) for five nights, while Yogi is at the Green Super Camp.  It’s only a couple of hours from Ubud, so if he had any problems we would not be too far away.  We had heard of Sideman two years ago but just didn’t get the opportunity to go there at that time. 

Sideman is now my favourite place in Bali.  The beautiful mountains, rice paddies, slow and quiet pace.  The unspoiltness of it.  I could live here, I really could.

We had lovely accommodation at Bebek Biru (blue duck), with amazing views across the valley to the village and mountains on the other side, the local rice fields and people working right at our door step.  Always something to watch, always someone working.


I wrote this the first afternoon I was there:

“The recently harvested rice fields are now growing vegetables.  People are hoeing, covering, planting, working hard.  All I can hear is the water running by in the irrigation canals and the tinkering of a wooden cow bell below.  Tension is melting away.  I can actually feel it. I’m relaxing. I’m feeling peaceful.”

Relaxing in Sideman

Relaxing on our patio, life’s pretty sweet…

Sideman is a wonderful place to explore.  Tuesday 2nd July saw us head to Damada, which has accommodation and also a café that we had been told had yummy cakes and coffee!  It was a lovely setting by the river…sort of Grecian/Balinese style – beautiful.  I finally had chocolate mousse cake that I’d been hanging out for for weeks  – yummo!  The coffee was just Bali coffee, we were expecting more café style coffee but that’s ok.


As we were walking back, we spied a sign for “Sacred Mountain Sancturay”, which sounded interesting, so we headed up the track to check it out.  What we found left us gobsmacked! 

30 acres of derelict buildings, HUGE swimming pool and grounds to die for.  All gone to rack and ruin.  The place closed last year but it was had it well before then.  There was one man on site, looking after it and keeping the grounds in shape as best he could, but the buildings were stuffed. 

Sacred Mountain

Sacred Mountain

It was heart breaking to see.  We both fell in love with it and fantasised about living there and returning it to its former glory…

New Job

New job in Bali – Cashier :0)

As we wandered back down the track, back down the road towards home, we came across another place to check out…the local tile manufacturer.  This was an amazing find too as all the tiles are made by hand, and they are beautiful…

Tile Factory

Hand Made Tiles

As we wandered back through the village, we came across a pink chicken…yes, that’s right PINK!  I had often wondered what the coloured chicks  we saw two years ago at the market would turn out like…well, now I know…

Pink Chicken

Village life in Sideman is very relaxed.  Everywhere you walk there are people going about their business at a leisurely pace…sitting down for a chat or laying rice out to dry, there’s no hurry, there’s no rushing.  Even in the fields, people are just getting on with it, taking their time but getting the job done.  And it rubs off on you…as you meander here and there, you naturally slow your pace, take in your surroundings and let yourself ‘be‘…

Village Life

As a magical day turned into night, and with the lights of the village across the valley twinkling at us, we were treated to a thunder and lightening show – mimpi indah (sweet dreams)…there’s a lot more to see tomorrow…

Sideman Lightening

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