Rich Beyond My Dreams

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Rich beyond my dreamsFollowing on from my previous post Finding Gratitude, Alison Skate shares her own insight on the “G” word…

I went to the Body Mind Spirit Festival in Brisbane (Australia) recently as part of a ‘date’ I had with my husband.

As a leadership coach I feel it is important to maintain balance across all areas of life, including the spiritual domain, and often encourage my clients to embrace the benefits of meditation for health and business clarity.

Hours were spent at the festival browsing the incredible offerings from massage therapists, mineral cosmetics companies, fitness trainers, yoga instructors and organic food providers.  There was also an enormous selection of psychics, clairvoyants, tarot readers and so forth, who claim to have some ability to give insight into one’s future.  I don’t mean to sound sceptical, as I truly embrace the intangible and largely immeasurable science of psychic ability, but like most areas of talent, some people are more gifted than others and the trick is to find out who they are!

One of my friends paid for a reading by a clairvoyant at the fair and happily announced that his future held a combination of happiness and great wealth for him and his wife.

“Don’t they all say that?” I wondered, remembering every psychic or clairvoyant reading I’ve ever had.  There was a time, around nine years ago just after my second daughter was born; I had a reading from one of Australia’s most applauded clairvoyants.  She was known for her specificity and level of detail.  During the one-hour session back in 2003 she gave me several specific predictions that she indicated would eventuate over the next seven to eight years.

The first prediction was that my youngest daughter would be a flower-girl in a bridal party before she turned six years of age (and the page-boy would have chicken pox and it would rain for most of the day).   Her second prediction was that a blonde divorcee would think that my husband was “just wonderful” (but that I had nothing to worry about in terms of his affections, as he only has eyes for me).  The final prediction was that my husband and I would be incredibly wealthy (she insisted that we would be rich beyond our dreams).

As I look at my bank statement I have to wonder if she needed to have her clairvoyant ‘spectacles’ adjusted – maybe she didn’t see the decimal point before the final two digits!

However, in the next few months I came to recognise all of the blessings in my life by keeping a ‘Gratitude Journal’.  Even when things hadn’t gone well for me I looked for the silver lining to the cloud.  When I got a sniffle from my husband, I expressed gratitude that my husband was at home, close enough to me to give me his cold and not on a military exercise or overseas (he was taking leave from his job in the Army).  When one of my daughters irritated me with her egocentrism, I felt grateful that my children were well enough to be considered ‘annoying’ (parents are rarely annoyed by the demands of their gravely sick children).  When my business went through an extremely quiet period, I was grateful that I had the opportunity to experience that stress, as it meant that I was truly following my passions and not working for someone else’s dream.

By focussing on everything that I am grateful for in my life, my perception of my life shifted from that of lack and wanting, to abundance and joy!  I am also grateful for the fact that, after only a couple of weeks, opportunities began to come my way thick and fast – more than I had ever anticipated!  The financial rewards for those opportunities were reassuring… but maybe being ‘rich beyond our dreams’ isn’t about the money after all.  Maybe living an incredibly rich life is actually about living a life filled with joy for all the blessings of the present moment.

By the way, neither of my daughters have ever been a flower girl in a bridal party.  And the blonde divorcee who thinks my husband is “just wonderful” – I suspect that is actually my mum :-).

Alison Skate is an Accredited Professional Coach and Registered Psychologist, living in Australia with her husband and two daughters.
Alison works with talented managers and executives, assisting them to lead their team to achieve greater commitment and results with more ease and less stress, through her “Wise Leader” and “Smart Team” leader coaching programs.


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  1. Hi Paula,

    Great article from Alison. Have you heard about the Grateful In April movement by any chance? If not you may be interested in having a look here: even though there are only a few days of April left!

    I have also written a blog about the campaign on my blog here:

    You are so right about wealth. Being ‘rich beyond your dreams’ goes way beyond your monetary value.

    Thanks for sharing,

    • Hi Rhian, no I haven’t heard about Grateful in April but it’s a fab idea. I read your blog link and it’s awesome that your daughter got so involved in it as well – fantastic!
      Thanks for sharing 🙂


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