Help – I can’t sleep!

Is there an art to falling asleep? Why is it that some people fall asleep within minutes each night, and seem to do so effortlessly? While others lie awake for hours, contemplating the next day, worrying about work, family, money, and everything else. Others find that while they can drop off when the lights go […]

You Can’t Download Experience…

As our lives get busier and busier, we seem to take our friendships for granted…connecting quickly on Facebook, sending txt messages instead of making a phone call and having a proper conversation. Our social circles are widening virtually, but are our solid, true connections diminishing… By Jess Ball I feel like we are missing something… […]

From morbidly obese to toned and sexy – weight loss Sally Symonds style!

Every now and then I put a ‘call out’ on the Sourcebottle website for people to send me articles that I can share here on SoulCuisine. I am always amazed and inspired by the people that come forward with incredible stories of their journey. Sally Symonds is one of those amazing and inspiring people – […]

A breast cancer survivor finds her passion – with breasts…

Julie Brand is an inspiration. Not only is she a breast cancer survivor, but through her own experience of a botched breast reconstruction, she now helps other women in their quest to feel ‘normal’ again…by developing, producing and now selling her very own range of breast forms. Here’s Julie’s story… . There is a lot […]

Aunty and the Star people…

I went to the movies yesterday and saw one of the most humbling and inspirational stories I think I’ve ever seen. It’s a documentary about Jean Watson, a New Zealand woman, now 80, who has helped change the lives of children in a small area in India. . So much of this movie resonated with […]

Fatigue, energy crashes, cravings – the importance of the right nutrition and hydration for exercise…

I don’t know about you but my body certainly lets me know when I need to eat and it lets me know BIG TIME if I don’t eat when it wants me to – I get cranky and shaky and sometimes get to the point where I just HAVE to have SOMETHING or I’m gonna […]

How to Overcome Food Cravings…

Craving certain foods (and usually the unhealthy variety), is one of the big issues you face when trying to change your eating habits to something more healthy. So, how do you overcome this age old problem?  In this article, Ben Nowlan give us some answers…   We have all experienced hunger and cravings. Something we […]

Heart Mastery…

Sometimes you have the privilege of meeting someone who oozes so much peace, love and wisdom, you want to stay in their presence forever. I’ve been blessed to meet such a person who has now become a dear friend. Once you meet Rick Pursell you never forget him, he will touch your heart in ways […]

High Cholesterol?

 A friend of mine emailed me this article some time back and I’ve since Googled it and found the site where I think it originally came from.  I thought it was interesting and helpful so wanted to pass it on.  I have no idea as to the medical claims it makes but hey, it can’t […]

How Diabetes Returned Me To Wholeness…

Being diagnosed with a life-long or life-threatening illness has a profound affect on a person. Some battle their whole lives to try and understand, some stay in victim mode, and others rise above it and come out the other side with lessons learned, stronger and wiser than before. Jess Ball is one of these inspiring […]

Learning Meditation and Yoga from a Fifth Generation Balinese Priest

So, after my profound healing experience with Mangku Mastra yesterday, he came back today to teach me his special Bayu Sura Yoga and Meditation. Since I don’t ‘do’ yoga (I find it extremely difficult and my back hates it so I don’t do it), this was going to be interesting… . Even though Mangku Mastra […]

My Balinese Healing Experience – No. 2

Well, I’ve just had my very own Eat, Pray, Love healing experience in Sideman, Bali. It was pretty profound. Not so much in the physical aspect of what he did (although I’ve never experienced anything like it before), but it was his healing wisdom that came after, that had the biggest impact. . Mangku Mastra […]

I’m a failure…really?

Ok, hands up who’s thought of themselves as a big fat FAILURE at some stage…?  I’m picking just about everyone. And to be totally honest I’ve been feeling it myself quite a bit lately…until I started reading a very inspirational and mind-changing book… . . It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog article from […]

New Research on Beauty Products and Cancer…

So you know by now that I’m a fierce advocate of safe, natural (and preferably organic) skin care and beauty products. Well, finally there’s some excellent research being done to back up the discussion, and it’s not just skin care and beauty products you have to be wary of.     I recently came across […]

Eat MORE to Lose Weight!

How many of you skip meals or starve yourselves in the hope of losing weight?  What if someone told you this way DOESN’T work, in fact it does the opposite…here Joelene Ranby from Resolution Retreats give us the low down on the magic formula to help you LOSE WEIGHT…       What would you […]