My Bali Tarot Reading Experience…

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Bali templeI’ve had a few Tarot readings in the past, generally around a time of uncertainty and change. They have usually been interesting but I’ve never had one that totally blew my socks off -until now…

I had heard about this Tarot reader through my dear French friend Ibu Marie who organises spiritual tours to healers and shamen around the Ubud area in Bali.

I was curious. I have a lot of change going on at the moment so was interested to see what the Tarot cards would reveal and her interpretation of them.

Marie told me to have some questions at the ready and to be specific about timelines, like in the next 3 months or when next year, etc.

So my questions I had at the ready were:

1. What work do you see me doing?
2. I want to host womens weekend retreats, is this something you see me being successful at?
3. Is my financial future going to improve i.e. will I finally achieve financial abundance?
4. Is there a love of my life coming soon (like within 3-6 months), or have I already met him?
5. What causes my bloating – stress or food?

Tarot cards

The first thing that struck me, that I immediately liked, was that she had short hair. This is VERY unusual for Indonesian women, 99% have long hair. I immediately felt a kinship as I have short hair too! The next thing was when I walked into her little room…there was Buddha sitting proud with crystals and other magical trinkets around him… She is Buddhist, which again is VERY unusual in Indonesia…the majority in Bali are Hindu and Muslim with a little Christianity scattered through. I liked this woman from the outset, she was different!

We shook hands, smiled and said the customary, “Hello, nice to meet you” greeting and then sat down. The first thing she said to me in her near perfect English was, “Paula, you are very very sensitive”…aha, so that was a home run straight away!

She then got me to write down my full name and date of birth. Numerology comes into her reading as well. She shuffled the Tarot cards and then handed them to me to shuffle. As I was shuffling one flipped out and landed on the table. I said, “Well looks like that one needs to be in there.” She took a look at it and put it aside saying, “I’ll tell you about that later…it’s about relationship.” Hmmm now she’s got my attention!

She spread the cards out in a semi-circle and I then chose 10 cards one by one, going by what ones I felt drawn to…some seemed brighter to me than others, some were slightly out of place…I’m always drawn to things/people/animals that are ‘different’ (I usually pick the runt of the litter or the one with the spot in the weird place or the odd colour)

She then began the reading.

“In Bali we believe everyone has protectors. You have two. Quan Yin, the Goddess of compassion for humans and animals (Avalokiteśvara in Buddhism, Virgin Mary in Christianity), and Ganesha” (the elephant/human deity who is a natural favourite of mine).

Compassionate Quan Yin

Compassionate Quan Yin

She explains…”Ganesha is 7 years old, like a child. That’s why inside you feel like a 7yr old child” (how did she know?!). “I want to go here, I want to go there, I want to break the rules, I want relationship but, ahh, too much commitment. Ganesha is happy, like a child, with a tendency to put everything into picture perfect, like a Hollywood film, like Cinderella.”

Playful Ganesha

Playful Ganesha

Guess it’s time to take my rose coloured glasses off!

“So when something emotional happens in your life, the Goddess Quan Yin feels it and wants to cry, but Ganesha freaks out and tries to solve the problem with his strength, his mind, so you analyse. Problem solved in mind but emotion suppressed again. That’s also why 2nd chakra is blocked.”

So her advice to strengthen my 2nd chakra – do yoga, especially warrior pose (I don’t DO yoga), or swim like a frog (I CAN do that), salsa, belly dancing (sounds like fun), more walking, anything to open up the hips…Ok, that I can do!

“Ganesha is the creator, that’s why you have new ideas every second (how does she know that?) but the problem is you then get blocked and self-sabotage with doubt and buts”…

Damn she’s good. This is also the cause of my bloating – blocked chakras and anxiety in that area…sort of knew that intuitively so it was good to get that confirmed.

She told me, “Many, many lifetimes you have been like a priest, healer, shaman. Very serious. So this lifetime you have been given Ganesha to play more”.

She told me I absorb other people’s negative energy easily, including spirit, ghost energy. They come to me because they are suffering, so I’m like a doctor to them. This energy is then stored in my 2nd chakra which makes my grounding weak so I need to do more walking barefoot on the earth and buy grounding crystals to wear (like obsidian, onyx, tourmaline) to strengthen my base chakra and for protection.

This is also why energetically I sometimes become depressed or sad for no real reason. It’s not mine, it’s others energy. This made a lot of sense to me as I do have moments of ‘down- ness’ that I can’t put my finger on why.

She also told me, “You have a very huge healing energy, so very strong; so study therapies and heal others.” Yep, I already do that and plan to continue learning new treatments…

She continues, “Energy healer is so big and also something with teaching. Something with making workshop, because that makes Ganesha happy. Ganesha like child, likes to be centre of attention. Ganesha doesn’t like 9-5 job! Sharing compassion through knowledge. Doesn’t have to be fancy, it’s about sharing the knowledge”.

OMG this was crazy. She directly answered one of my questions about work and I hadn’t even had the chance to ask. I’d resigned from my 9-5 job just before I came to Bali and I planned on never going back to one. I’m also in the process of creating women’s weekend retreats next year in New Zealand – exactly about sharing knowledge, compassion and empowerment!

“And do something creative with the hands, you are a good writer.” I just started laughing at this… a month ago I was hosting a Writing Retreat and have just completed the 1st draft of my memoir!

She then asked me to remember a moment that made me angry or sad when I was between the ages of 5-7. I remembered my school friend getting killed in a car accident. I was round 6 or 7. It didn’t really register emotionally at the time but I remember Mum being very upset and I was trying to make her feel better by saying, “Don’t cry Mum, Michelle is up in heaven, see, she’s one of those stars in the sky”. I vividly remember this moment and what I said.

She told me this was the first time Ganesha (me) saw the world is not perfect. In life there is dying for example. It makes him freak out. After that age I then try and protect myself and have a tendency when it comes to the heart to analyse. I’m a very loving person but also very afraid with that.

Spot on once again!

She said this year is a healing year for me and she gave me some homework…some letters to write and burn and some Reiki to do on myself.

On the finance side… “Wealth – don’t worry, just trust. Do something that you really really like to do because the wealth is waiting”.


And on the love front? …well, I’ve some homework to do for that too but she said around my birthday next year (March/April), that someone special will be in my life. I asked her if it was someone new or someone I already knew…she said, “I feel it’s someone new.”

I’ll keep you posted…

So she answered all my questions in the reading without me even having to ask anything. I was expecting to be there for an hour but I was done in 30 minutes. I absolutely didn’t mind, I had had such an accurate and insightful reading that made total sense to me and just absolutely confirmed I’m on the right path. I was done.

Would I recommend this talented intuitive and Tarot reader to others – ABSOLUTELY!

If you would like to see her for yourself she is very busy and is booked out weeks in advance. If you are planning a trip to Bali then you better get booked in before you go so you don’t miss out. Contact my friend Ibu Marie at UbudSpiritBali to make an appointment and arrange transport.

I’d love to know how you get on so please pop back and comment when you’ve been. Have fun!

Healing sessions with MASTER HEALERS are organised directly with Ibu as well as rituals with HIGH PRIEST/ESS, meeting MYSTIC CARVERS, exploring HIDDEN TEMPLES or having a SOULFUL TAROT reading…

Please register DIRECTLY:

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  1. Your reading sounds almost identical to the reading I had with the tarot reader booked through Marie..
    I did really like her though, shes a kind and beautiful woman with good intentions.

    • Thanks Vanessa, I’d love to know in what ways it was almost identical…most readings I’ve been to over the years focus on love, work, health so that’s the same for everyone…who are your 2 protectors? Yes, she is definitely a kind and beautiful woman and I love her sense of humour.

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