Motivational Astrology Forecast – June 2017

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In this Solstice Month, with the celebration of Matariki – the Maori New Year here in New Zealand – and strong Cancer/Gemini energies, we’re encouraged to nurture our emotions! In the weeks ahead we are urged to support our inner sensitivity and feed our feelings – not with pizza but with positive appreciation, validation and confirmation of the intuitive voice within!

June 2017 AstroMotivation Forecast

By GiGi Astro Sosnoski

Theme: Feed your Feelings!

“Never apologise for showing your feelings. When you do, you are apologising for the truth.”

– José N. Harris

In this moment, what are you feeling? We’re generally aware of our bodies and what we’re thinking, but often discount or disregard our feelings. Why is that? In this age where we’re all striving to become more enlightened and perceptive, we still don’t honour our feelings enough.

We often neglect to acknowledge our intuitive, emotional and sensitive side, instead paying too much attention to the voices of self-doubt and worry. In essence, we starve our feelings instead of nourishing them.

Our feelings are an innate guidance tool, directing us through life and helping us to make the right decisions and to connect with the right circumstances. Just as the muscles of our body are strengthened by daily use, so do our feelings grow stronger when we pay attention to what they tell us!

The Astro energies of June prompt us to be mindful of our true internal barometer in order to better honour, respect and care for ourselves. By honouring our feelings we can be more in touch with our personal truths and encourage our unique self-expression.

What’s ahead for you in this magical Solstice month? Here’s your Motivational Astrology Forecast for June 2017:

5 June: Mars goes into Cancer – The Family Focus! Family life, albeit sometimes messy or complicated, shapes who we are. Feeling positive about our background, regardless of the challenges we may have faced, encourages emotional self-respect and a feeling of solidarity.

True “family” are those that we consider close to our hearts and important in our lives, regardless of blood connections. This is a time to look at how those we align ourselves with shape who we are.

Even if our views are unlike those we were raised with, acknowledging the differences, respecting diverse viewpoints and giving support to those who contribute positivity to our lives helps us to better know ourselves and how our beliefs and opinions came into being.

6 June: Venus goes into Taurus – Your Emotional Security! Get clear on what you need for your emotional security. Figure out what will bring you the lasting love you desire. If you are not sure what it is, then it will be harder to manifest.

This is a time for not only focusing on greater stability in love and creative connections, but appreciating greater joy and sensuality too! Realise that the way to heart-fulfillment is not only feeling ‘safe’ and understood by another, but by expressing yourself through your senses. Honour your tactile abilities now as the touch, taste and vision of the beauty around you is magnified!

7 June: Mercury goes into Gemini – Share Your Vision! As the planet governing communications moves into its ruling sign of expressive Gemini, we’re able to express our ideas, share our thoughts and advance our plans and projects! Greater curiosity, communications and socializing enable us to be more outgoing and articulate our visions with greater agility!

This is the green light for speaking up, being heard and sharing your insights while at the same time enriching your self-expression. Allow your curiosity to flourish by saying YES to new group activities, friendships and enriching endeavours! Your thoughts count!

10 June: Full Moon in Sagittarius – The Big View! This is a time of culmination, helping us to embrace the larger view of our world and discover not only more about ourselves but also the diverse viewpoints and different opportunities for learning that surround us.

In sharing our wisdom with others we have the chance to gain new awareness from what they offer us. As we open our minds to explore more broad-minded beliefs and positive philosophies, we can better connect and communicate with others.

21 June: Sun goes into Cancer – Solstice Salutations! Honour the start of this new season by enriching your connection to others, joining with those you care about and encouraging a feeling of greater nurturing all around! As we celebrate the Solstice be mindful of how you can cultivate greater feelings of support, kindness and love for those in your life – as well as for yourself!

Join together with those you care about to celebrate the Solstice by paying more attention to security issues, emotionally and physically, as well as greater respect and care of one another.

21 June: Mercury goes into Cancer – Thinking with Feeling! A favourable new cycle begins for encouraging our inner voice and expressing more of our caring and nurturing thoughts. We now open up to greater emotion, intuition and sharing of feelings. It’s a good time to observe how we perceive, process and interact with loved ones while reflecting and reconsidering what is and isn’t working in our relationships.

We are urged not to get stuck in the past, hold grudges or be held back by old wounds. Instead we are encouraged to move forward with greater ways of connecting with those in our lives. In the weeks ahead we can find better understanding and perhaps compromise in matters of home, family and love.

24 June: New Moon in Cancer – Renew Your Feelings! New Moons represent beginnings and in the feeling and caring sign of Cancer this Lunar pairing encourages renewal of our nurturing expressions. This is a time for making use of our intuition, idealism and imagination to further our need for comfort and security.

Start something today that will help support and honour your feelings while contributing to your emotional foundations. This is the Matariki New Moon, and with it we begin a new cycle of love and understanding, for ourselves and those we resonate with.

The Outer Planets stay in a sign for a longer period of time, so their effect on us is more gradual, but significant none the less. Here they are in their current positions:

Jupiter in Libra: As the planet representing expansion and opportunity now moves Direct (as of 9 June) through this Venus-ruled sign, relationships, attraction and abundance are all highlighted! Jupiter going Direct in Libra is a happy time – a period of new appreciation, partnerships, creative thought, broadening horizons and cultivating bounty and beauty!

Just keep moderation in mind as our feelings of inspiration, enjoyment and togetherness can get carried away! Use this marvelous cycle to excel in your personal creativity, find the love of your life or begin new studies and travels to broaden your view of the world! Jupiter will be in Libra until October 10 2017!

Saturn in Sagittarius Retrograde: As the planet representing Responsibility and Structure is Retrograde (until 23 August!), we’re encouraged to reflect upon our fears, doubts and insecurities – exposing cracks in the foundation of our lives and finding the root element of what may be holding us back.

As we emotionally and mentally investigate our inward issues we can uncover much about what undermines our progress. By getting to the heart of the matter we can focus more on solutions, gaining strength to surmount any challenge!

This is an ideal cycle for realigning, reviewing and reconnecting with our true purpose, readdressing the steps that need to be put into place to achieve our goals. Saturn will be in Sagittarius until December 2017.

Uranus in Aries: As the planet of Innovation moves through this independent sign, we are encouraged to reflect on what we need for greater freedom in our lives. By embracing unique forms of self-expression, liberation from oppression, new technology and inventive pioneering action we find new insights and advancement in our lives and world!

Strength, assertive action, inspirational vision, intuitive understanding, advanced technology and new innovation is forthcoming, helping us to open up to new dimensions. Uranus will be in Aries until 7 March 2019.

Neptune in Pisces Retrograde: As the planet ruling dreams and creativity starts its Retrograde motion on 16 June, in its ruling sign of Pisces, we are encouraged to honor more of our spiritual awareness, artistic inspiration and intuitive insight!

Greater appreciation for the beauty around us as well as within us is highlighted. We-are-all-one compassion is emphasized along with further need for humanitarian expression. Readdressing ways to embrace greater sympathy and empathy along with universal understanding is highlighted. Neptune will be in Pisces until 31 March 2025.

Pluto in Capricorn Retrograde: As the planet of Transformation continues its long journey through this sober sign, and goes Retrograde (21 April until 29 September!) we get serious about making positive changes to ourselves and our world.

The overall theme of this cycle is uncovering the misuse of power and authority to enable change for the better. It represents a major time of rediscovery, review and reconsideration that brings transformation to our society, government, world order and Mother Earth.

It also pushes to think about the changes we want to make to our belief structures and our power as individuals and as a whole. This pairing will continue until 24 March 2023.

Chiron in Pisces: As the “wounded healer” moves through the sign of sensitivity, compassion and understanding, we have the ability to open our hearts to others while working to heal ourselves.

Greater spiritual awareness, empathy and intuition can be gained during this time but it’s important not to lose ourselves in the effort to assist others. Keeping personal boundaries in place is key for self-care too. Chiron will be in Pisces until April 2018.

Warmth, Heart and StarLight to all Sweet Star Seekers for an Joyous June! Bright Blessings and Best Wishes surround you and yours for a bountiful and beautiful time ahead!

-GiGi Sosnoski

GiGi SosnoskiGiGi Astro Sosnoski was first introduced to Astrology when she was 10 years old, and went on to turn her love for the subject into her life’s passion “Motivational Astrology”!

Giving Astrology readings and Motivational Life Coaching sessions to thousands of clients, from all walks of life and from all over the world, for over 25 years, is what gives GiGi the experience, knowledge and know-how to guide and direct others successfully!

Astrology is your tool for greater self-awareness, self-empowerment and self-activation. Having a Motivational Astrology reading with GiGi gives you personal knowledge and insight on how to make the best of what’s ahead for YOU in love, work, family, fiance, health, creative advancement and spiritual fulfillment.

Gift yourself with the information and awareness you need to make your future successful with a Motivational Astrology reading today! Whatever your location, contact GiGi Astro Sosnoski for your individual, empowering and motivating Astrology reading through her companies: KeepLookingUp! Ltd and Positive Skies Ltd

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