Learning To Be…

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Bali OfferingsI’ve been in Bali one week.  As soon as I got off the plane and stepped into Denpasar Airport terminal, my nose filled with the smells of Bali – insence and sultry warm air – ahhh it’s great to be back!

I’m still settling in.  The first three days were intense.  I was so exhausted from the 24hour journey to get here (early start and flight delays).  The first morning I had a Reflexology session – it was good but it was hard and my poor kidneys weren’t happy!  Then in the afternoon I had a massage…of course – that’s what you do in Bali!  Anyway, all that set off a bit of a detox in my system and I ended up feeling a bit disgusting – a combination of tiredness, time zone change and things being stirred up in my system…I’m a tiger for punishment so add to that a 1.5hour herbal massage the next day and my poor body was wondering what I was doing to it!

Three days at the beach in Sanur and now I’m in Ubud – the health, yoga, retreat and spiritual hub of Bali.


Sanur was fab!

It feels strange being here but it feels good being here.  I am feeling so different this time around.


Cocktails on the beach for Christine’s Birthday

Things are familiar so I’m feeling more confident.  I’m using the language day by day that I thought I’d forgotten but has just been in a safe place in my brain and now the words pop out of my mouth when required – the locals are impressed – so am I 🙂

I am sharing a lovely villa with my friend Christine and we are slowly exploring the area.  We have hired bicycles to get around because neither of us are at all confident on a scooter and with the narrow, uneven roads and manic traffic, it’s just too scary to contemplate!  Plus, it’s great exercise as the trip home from town is uphill :).

Our home in Ubud

What I’m loving about Ubud is the AMAZING choice of healthy food and juices available here – unbelievable!  However the downside is that because it’s such a health hub for tourists the prices are quite high – almost Western prices for a lot of things which hits the budget a bit hard.

Coffee in the hammock first thing in the morning 🙂

We have befriended a wonderful friendly local who runs a small organic café nearby with his wife.  Nyoman delivers us dinner in the rain and fruit from the local organic supplier.  He’s such a gem and in usual Balinese style, nothing is a problem and he has a smile plastered on his face the whole time.

Another bonus we have found up the road is a place called The Ark which runs many different workshops from Yoga to Breath Work to Kirtan (chanting).  We went to a Women’s Circle on Friday morning for three hours – it was fab!!  And being the small world that it is, the woman who was leading the group is from New Zealand and I met her at the first Sweat Lodge I did at Mana in September last year – how weird and wonderful is that!

So, I’m finally here.  I’m settling in slowly and I’m endeavouring to just “be”, right here, right now.  I have a lot of intentions for this trip but I’m trying not to put pressure on myself to – write the book, check out the coaching videos I saved, update my website every week, work on the online course I want to create….Those things aren’t going anywhere, so for now I’m just concentrating on B E I N G…being in Bali…being present…slowing down.



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