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Rick PursellSometimes you have the privilege of meeting someone who oozes so much peace, love and wisdom, you want to stay in their presence forever. I’ve been blessed to meet such a person who has now become a dear friend. Once you meet Rick Pursell you never forget him, he will touch your heart in ways you can’t begin to imagine.Rick is an amazing heart-centered coach and facilitator who runs his own Heart Mastery workshop in the hills above Ubud, Bali…

Rick, what is your background in reaching this point in your life coaching and supporting people through your workshops and beautiful Namaste retail shop in Ubud, Bali.

I was brought up close to Nature on a farm in England, which gave me a sense of connection to our Mother Earth. Later, during the Vietnam War, I was introduced to Buddhism and practised the philosophy regularly for many years, less the rituals.

Years later, finding myself in India alongside the banks of the mighty Ganges River and after weeks of arduous study, I had my first major awakening with my Swami –Swami Kaivaliananda, a profoundly defining moment which changed my life entirely.

From that point forward, I wanted only to share this precious gift with others and hence, my Life/Spiritual Coaching and ultimately, our Namaste Retreat Centre was brought into existence.

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 Why did you create the Heart Mastery Course?

The route I took to arrive at a place of peace and harmony within was tough and rather circuitous, taking in Vedanta, the Upinishads and other elements of Hinduism. While it is as relevant today as it was then, it is not every Westerners cup of tea, so utilising my life’s experience and spiritual knowledge, I culled that which worked and formulated a course that could bring people to an awakening and shift in perspective.

The result is equipping retreat participants with a toolbox full of useful practises to enable and maintain a conflict-free life, away from fear and steeped in love.

What are the main virtues of Heart Mastery?

There are six primary virtues associated with our Heart Mastery Series retreats and they are:

  • Appreciation
  • Compassion
  • Understanding
  • Forgiveness
  • Humility
  • Bravery
  • Courage

When fully understood in the context of the BIG picture and applied in one’s life through daily practice, they move us away from the fear-based, dualistic paradigm we inhabit, to one of connectedness, unity and love.

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Why do you think these are so important?

It is “normal” (but not necessarily advantageous to our spiritual evolution) to wall off our heart when hurt mentally, emotionally of physically. When we do this, we cut off the ability to give and receive love, which is our primary purpose in life.

Using the six heart virtues to gradually and systematically bring us back into our hearts, restores our purpose and results in a flowering of the heart, where one spontaneously gives and receives love freely and abundantly.

As we are at our core, Consciousness, (which manifests itself as love), it brings us in alignment with our Authentic Self and the Source from which we all came. Happiness and peace of mind are the result of this connection.

Can you suggest some easy ways people can start to bring this consciously into their everyday lives.

Our life is about choices, which present themselves from deciding what to eat for breakfast, to choosing a life-long partner. When we consciously choose the path of love, as opposed to the opposite – fear, then we bring ourselves into vibrational alignment with our true nature.

The famous spiritual teacher Neil Donald Walsch suggests whenever we are faced with a difficult choice, to ask the question “What would love do now?” to bring us into our heart and respond appropriately, rather than reacting destructively from the egoic mind.

Demonstrating gratitude at every opportunity is a great way to start too! Being appreciative of everything that shows up in our lives, whether it be judged “Good” or “Bad”, reminds us that all experience carries us along our evolutionary path.

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Sometimes we feel trapped by our circumstances, what are three things we can do to help overcome these overwhelming feelings.

1)    Acknowledge that the condition arising exits, rather than going into denial

2)    Turn and go deeply into the feelings that are arising and ask the question, “What message is in this situation for me to learn and grow?”

3)    Watch your thoughts. Turn the destructive negative thoughts into uplifting ones that reflect the truth, not the falseness that the ego is projecting onto you.

You have written a book “Cause No Harm”.  What made you decide to write it?

The book is a culmination of nearly thirty years of my corporate life’s work as an Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental specialist, working in various locations around the world.

It became apparent to me that we as a human species are on a path of compulsive, destructive behaviour; that causes damage to ourselves, others, machinery, equipment, materials and assets; our immediate environment in which we live, work and play; our planet as a whole, that we rely on to provide us with everything we need to survive; and to future generations, who will inherit the legacies we leave behind.

Clearly we need to change our destructive behaviours and the book “Cause No Harm – A Handbook for Humanity”, spells out in simple terms, how we can make a start.


Visit Rick’s website for more information.


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