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HealingI would like to introduce you to a wonderful young woman – Yvette Raby from Melbourne, Australia.  She writes such real and beautiful pieces I just had to share one of them with you…I really resonated with this particular article on her blog…how many of us have felt like this at times in our lives…

I cannot remember how many times I have been required to heal my own self. All I can remember is that each time I have stepped out of that cloud, no matter how dark, it was greater and stronger than ever before.

You may not have had that unavoidable cloud roll into your life, but everyone will from time to time. Do remember that it will drift away, to reveal a sparkling blue sky brighter than ever.

First things first, come tragedy, or heartbreak I will march to the shops and purchase my poison of choice, a bottle of wine. Upon stepping in the door I will pump up the ladies that have seen me through time and time again. Wendy (Matthews), Tina (Arena) her greatest hits, Sarah (McLachlan), Aretha (Franklin) and so on. With my bottle by my side, and glass in hand I get a little tanked and whilst I sway (in the midst of drunkenness) I screech to the words and wail from the pit of my stomach. note: neighbours may become somewhat frightened, call the police, run for their life etc.

This scenario often leads to dancing, and further wailing, swaying and screeching. It is at this stage the floor often gets a drink of my drop itself. At times I will call a friend and through sobbing on their shoulder, I try to avoid the snot that coincides from messing up their sleeve. A true friend, although disgusted, never really minds.

I will find myself in bed the next day, feeling rotten, sad and sorry with the uncontrollable need to dash to the toilet to heave. With head in toilet bowl, as awful as the process is, I liken it to “releasing the demons”, because afterwards I feel just a tiny bit better. Post water and shower I step outside into the world with the dog and I walk. All of a sudden I am in the midst of life, and its beauty, I have to then concentrate on things other than myself: the traffic, crossing the road, which tree the dog is peeing on. With the added endorphins, and fresh air I have started to feel a little bit better again. Then given time, and patience I can run, until I leap out of that cloud.

One note of importance, whether it be friends or family they should always hold you up. They should be ready to catch you when becoming unsteady. They should allow you a soft landing. They should pick you up and place you back on that pedestal where you belong. Like you, all are deserving of sitting atop of their pedestal.

This, along with Wendy, Tina, Sarah and the divine Aretha, the wine, the walks, and dog always guide me through.

Within your times of unavoidable darkness I am not suggesting that you do what I do, but do follow your heart, do what you need , but do not do it in excess. Do it with dignity and do not purposely hurt another. I have seen the worst, but I have come to learn that everything happens for a reason and your darkness may just be a force re-directing you towards a path of magnificence!

Have faith in yourself, it is within you!

*If your negative feelings/symptoms persist always consult a doctor.

 Yvette Raby

I am 30 years old, with much insight as result of my life. With love for the written word I created my blog to inspire, to help another. If I can help just one person to change their life, then, it’d make mine. www.yvettesjourney.blogspot.com.au


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