Green Super Camp 2013 – Yogi’s Experience

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Green Super CampI was a little uncertain how Yogi would cope with the Green Super Camp.  It was going to be a HUGE challenge for him…being away from his family and friends…being in a completely different environment he had never experienced before…having to eat strange food…having to communicate in English every day when he’s used to speaking Bahasa Indonesian…HUGE.


In the days leading up to going, he never questioned anything about the camp.  He trusted completely that this was a wonderful opportunity and he swallowed his fear, stepped out of his comfort zone and jumped on board 100%.

I too, had no idea what was in store for him, but knew in my heart this was probably going to be a life changer, so I too had to trust.

There were 66 children from 11 countries.  Some of those children had been flown from their homes across the other side of the world to Bali – alone…they ranged in age from 11-13.  Yogi was the only Balinese.

What these kids were taught is nothing short of transformational.  The beautiful people who facilitated and assisted in this week long process are, without doubt, totally selfless and amazingly talented.  I can’t speak of them highly enough.

Heather Yelland, the Director of the Green Super Camp, is a Super Woman – in every regard!  She is so inspirational and lives totally from the heart for these children and their Super Camp experience.

Heather and her inspiring team

Heather and her inspiring team

Heather was one of the people who had to decide – out of the 150 applications for scholarships for the camp, who was going to win.  I am eternally grateful to her and her team for accepting my entry for Yogi and turning my dream for him into reality.

So, I think the best thing to do is SHOW you how Yogi got on at Green Super Camp 2013…

“A picture paints a thousand words” – Chinese Proverb


Learning about gardening and the environment

Quantum Reading

Quantum Reading and Writing

 All the children had unbelievable results with the Quantum Reading training, with an average 112% increase in reading speed!  They were all tested on day one and again at the end of day six.  Day one saw Yogi’s reading speed at 165 words per minute…day six saw him at 429 words per minute…that alone, is a life changer!

8 Keys of Excellence

The 8 Keys of Excellence (for life)


Learning to communicate effectively when there’s conflict

Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor adventure – facing those fears

Yogi facing his fears

Yogi facing his fears

From Yogi’s Green Camp book:

Life Skills – Outdoor Adventure

Q. What will challenge you tomorrow?

Yogi: Being afraid of heights

Q. How will you overcome your challenge?

Yogi: To think positively. To be confident. To trust my team.

Q. What will success tomorrow mean for you when you get home?

Yogi: I will be proud and happy.

What is Super Camp?













From Yogi’s Green Camp Book:

Quantum Writing (please bear in mind English is his 2nd language…I have tidied the grammar a little but it IS Yogi’s story)

“I think today, how to make your friends happy, and in Super Camp I learn how to not be shy and you can open your eyes. I am really happy I came to Super Camp because in here we learn many words and many things, like singing and drama.  And I start to think older and have commitment to do something…to open your life to be something good, and to use for the right purpose.”

Before and After

This is a shy, unsure Yogi on Day 1…confident and independent by Day 6…

I knew Yogi had had an amazing experience during his week at Super Camp and everyone spoke so highly of him, his ability to be a leader, a peace maker, a great friend and how everyone just loved him – all of the staff wanted to take him home :-).

He did this all on his own.  I just got him there.  I’m so very, very proud of him and know he will have a very bright future.  He understands commitment and success and how stepping out of your comfort zone brings you many, many rewards (friendship, adventure, new experiences, growth, happiness).

I asked Yogi some questions about Camp…here’s what he had to say:

Yogi, why did you say “yes” to going to the Green Super Camp?

Because I have never been there and I want to go there to know and learn.

Were you scared or nervous about going?

A little bit.

How did you feel the first day you were there?

Wow, it was amazing, I was very happy but also shy.

What sort of things did you do at camp?

Making chocolate, eating different food, playing football, learning to read fast, the 8 Keys of Excellence…

What was your favourite thing at camp? Why?

Making chocolate!  Because after we make we eat!

What is the one main thing you learnt at camp?

How to be more honest and confident.

How do you think going to Green Super Camp has changed your life?

Not relying on my family and the familiar…to be more independent.

Do you think it’s important for other Balinese children to go to Green Super Camp? Why?

Yes.  To do many things different than in home.  New experiences.

Would you like to go again?


How did you feel on the last day of camp?

A little sad.  I will miss camp and my new friends. But I feel very confident and happy.

T Shirt Signing

Yogi & Heather

Yogi and Super Camp Director, Heather Yelland

To have given Yogi the opportunity to go to the Green Super Camp fills my heart with so much joy.  To know it has made such a huge difference to him, to what he’s learnt and experienced.  Words cannot express the deep gratitude to Heather and her team for helping make this experience happen for him…it has set him on the path to a great future…which I always knew he had in him…

If you would like to help support some more children from the Yayasan in Tianyar to get to the Green Super Camp in 2014, please contact me for details…

Thank You.




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