From morbidly obese to toned and sexy – weight loss Sally Symonds style!

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Sally SymondsEvery now and then I put a ‘call out’ on the Sourcebottle website for people to send me articles that I can share here on SoulCuisine. I am always amazed and inspired by the people that come forward with incredible stories of their journey. Sally Symonds is one of those amazing and inspiring people – yes, that’s Sally to the left – before and after! Here’s her story…

Have you overcome a health crisis that changed your life?

Not only did I overcome a health crisis…I was a health crisis!

Obesity is more than just an individual heath issue in our society; it is a worldwide epidemic. You might even say that this health crisis is a world crisis. And I was right there in it.

I was morbidly obese. Morbidly. Obese. Not overweight, not obese, but basically so obese that I was going to die.

And then my life changed.

After forging a very successful career for many years, I was turned down for a promotion at work. I was absolutely devastated. I felt the rejection deeply and took it very personally. But then I realised it was only a job and it wasn’t my whole life. Isn’t it amazing what a little bit of perspective can do? And then I took my first steps towards weight loss.

I loved every single step of my weight loss journey which started in 2002 with a staggering loss of 45 kg in 33 weeks. And yes, that is almost 1.5kg per week. I kept this weight off for 5 years, and then went on to lose another 8.5kg.

So yes, I have overcome a health crisis that changed my life. But not only did it change my life, it saved my life.

In total, I lost nearly 55 kg which was over 50%, or half of my body weight. And I have kept it off ever since.

I have successfully transitioned from being an exercise loather to an exercise lover and I am now eating so much more than I ever did when I was morbidly obese.

Sally Symonds

One of the most satisfying and empowering things about this is that I achieved all of this in the ‘real world’. Not in a boot camp, but while managing a busy life and hectic career complete with all of the stresses and temptations of everyday life.

These challenges included a distinct lack of empowering weight loss systems available on the market to help me. Most diets or programs are created to keep people in the vicious weight loss and weight gain cycle. Many users either don’t lose the weight they need or lose weight only to regain it with even more weight!

I found the industry trend to employ a ‘one size fits all’ approach was not only completely ineffective, but also disempowering. And I knew that if I could find a better, more practical, more realistic and more sustainable way, I could work with others to help them do it too.

“Besides, so many weight loss and fitness experts have always been fit and have never had to actually lose weight themselves. I know firsthand what it’s like to struggle with weight and have a complete aversion to exercise.

I understand the depths of obesity as a disease and the mental and physical dangers of succumbing to it. This was me for the first 29 years of my life. But my life was changed. And now I am dedicated to helping others do the same.”

In September 2010, I released my first book, 50 Steps to Lose 50 kg…And Keep It Off. This was followed in 2011 by 50+ Recipes to Lose 50+kg…And Keep It Off and my third book was published in 2012 which was 50 Ways to Weight Loss Motivation.

Sally Symonds Book

All of the events in my life that have happened since my life changed so dramatically in 2002 and I overcame a major health crisis, has culminated in my revolutionary online weight loss system, Love Your Weight Loss.

This unique and highly interactive 26 week program runs through my website which also features practical weight loss, fitness, mindset and healthy living strategies and a wealth of other information. I advocate a personalised approach to weight loss and overall health which focuses on three core areas; diet, exercise and mindset.

Once tipping the scales at 106.5kg, I am now a qualified personal trainer, wellness coach and one of Australia’s most experienced and engaging motivational and inspirational speakers. I am a catalyst for positive change with many of my clients such as Goodlife Health Clubs, Coca-Cola Amatil, Brisbane Fitness and Health Expo and Goldman Sachs.

My revolutionary approach, which goes against the industry’s ‘one size fits all’ attitude, is empowering all clients from mum and dads, to the CEO’s of some of Australia’s biggest companies.

Sally Symonds

I have featured across many media channels including Sunrise, Today, The Morning Show, Mornings with Kerri-Anne, 4BC Radio, Good Life, The Courier Mail and Australia Women’s Weekly health.

It has been quite a journey. Being morbidly obese was a health crisis that greatly changed my life and impacted me in so many negative ways physically and mentally. I not only overcame this health crisis, but significantly changed my life.

I am a proud and passionate healthy life mentor and advocate and I am dedicated to helping others change theirs. I loved my weight loss, and I know everyone else can too.

Sally Symonds weight loss table

Sally is such a huge inspiration. It’s incredible that she’s the same woman in the before and after photo! If Sally can do it, so can YOU!

Sally Symonds Here’s that incredible before and after picture again…WOW!

Sally Symonds

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