Ella Rose – A 15 Year Old’s Journey To Wellness…

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Love is Life

I love the way this world wide web is so inter-twined with fantastic, inspirational people and experiences.  I was sent an email by a friend, with a link to a very inspiring video of a young 15 year old Kiwi girl and her amazing recovery from debilitating illness.  It moved me to tears and I just had to share it.  Here is Ella Rose Kane’s story…


My Name is Ella Rose Kane and I am fifteen years old. I live in New Zealand and am proud to be a kiwi. I love music, all kinds of art and anything to do with personal expression. I love to write, draw, act, create movies and take photographs. I love animals and nature, helping others, making people laugh, spreading happiness and hope. I love my family and friends with all my heart.

Ella Rose

Four and a half years ago I got very ill with two severe conditions called Fybromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. That meant that everywhere in my body (apart from my head) was in severe pain literally 24/7. I hardly slept due to the pain because it was so bad that it stopped me falling asleep. Every day I would have to fake a smile and some days I couldn’t even lift a fork to my mouth to eat.

After 2 years of being sick, my pain levels got so bad I was put in a wheelchair. I remained in the wheelchair for 2 and ½ years. No one knew what to do. No medication helped the pain. I went into hospital for a few weeks before Christmas 2009 for intensive physiotherapy in the hope that when my body got moving again the pain levels would decrease. Needless to say, this didn’t work. For three years I was out of school and my house was more like a prison to me.

Although I was going through what could only be described as hell, I was determined to remain positive and still, as I always had, try my best to help others. I remember the doctors asking me what I would do if I didn’t get better, which was a strong possibility, I would always respond with “I will get better”. That answer drove them crazy because it was my answer to basically everything. But it was true, I knew I would get better. I refused to give up because if I did I’d be giving up on my life, my family, my friends and myself. That was never an option. 🙂

My recovery:

At the beginning of 2012 my mum was told about a new treatment called The Lightning Process by her cousin in the UK. It was discovered and created in the UK but with more research we found that there are courses run for it in New Zealand. When my mum first told me about it, I’ll be honest, I thought it was all a load of rubbish. How could it possibly help as many people as it does and so dramatically?? I didn’t want to do it. I thought it was too good to be true. I thought more about it over a couple of months. Those months were the worst of my life. I was desperate. I didn’t care about it sounding too good to be true, I had to try this treatment. It was my last hope.

On the 3rd of July 2012 I started the three day Lightning Process course. The morning of day one I fell out of my wheelchair. The pain was so bad I felt like I was dying. It was the worst pain I’d ever felt. I thought I’d been through the worst but this topped everything.

It was 5 minutes before we had to leave for the course and I was lying on the ground screaming and unable to move. I’d got out of my house, survived a car trip (the bumps in the road were killer), got through a plane ride, another car trip, a bad sleep, got dressed, I’d got through what I thought would be impossible. My mum, dad and, if I’m honest, even I thought I couldn’t possibly get in the car and handle a car ride. I was screaming my head off but there was no way I was giving up after everything I’d done to get there.

I was in no condition to go out but the fact that I was so annoyed that I’d fallen gave me the push to get through it. I went through hell that morning, holding myself together with every single little bit of energy I had left. I couldn’t give up on something that could possibly get me my life back. I have no idea how I got through that day, just pure fight I suppose.

At the course I took in everything that was said all day. That in itself was a miracle. When I got home that night I could move my arms. After a fall like I had that morning I wouldn’t have been able to move for months, but because of the Lightning Process I could.

On day two of the course I sat in a normal chair all day. And at the end of the day…I stood up! By myself, I stood up! I wrote this description about how it felt…

The butterflies were growing rapidly in my stomach. I felt like I could do it. I wanted to with all my heart. I hadn’t done this is what felt like forever. Would I fall? Would it hurt?

I went back to a memory of running on the beach with my brother. I planted my feet firmly on the ground. This one moment was going to the beginning of my new life. I felt my feet sink into the carpet as I put all my weight into them. I found my balance.

I opened my eyes. I was standing for the first time in two and a half years.

I looked down at my feet. They were so far away. I started laughing. I could hear everyone in the room cheering and my mum let out a scream of both joy and shock. I didn’t know what to do next. I felt both fear and excitement over my new life that was rapidly approaching me.

That night I went to the Sky Tower with my family for dessert. I ate a whole dessert and an iced chocolate. I could never handle that much sugar when I was sick. For the first time I could feel my body becoming healthy again.

On day three I walked outside by myself! It was about 10 steps! At the end of that day I walked to the car! About 30 metres!!! I looked a little bit like a drunk penguin but I didn’t care. For the first time in years I felt the breeze brush over my face as I walked through it. I had forgotten how my feet and legs move 🙂

The first thing I said was “My feet are so far away!” My mum rang my dad when I first walked and he didn’t believe us. When I got home I got out of the car and walked to my family myself. Everyone was crying. I hadn’t been able to hug my family in 4 and ½ years. Just thinking about it brings me to happy tears. To be able to wrap my arms around my cousins and hug my dad without him having to bend over…the most magical feeling I’ve ever experienced. I wish everyone could feel that feeling of pure happiness just from a hug. That night I cuddled my cousins an obscene amount and I danced with my mum, aunty and cousins, I’m still as uncoordinated as ever! Haha 🙂  That day was the best day of my life.

Every day there is something new and a week ago I ran for the first time in 4 years! I have always loved running and on my list of goals for when I got better “To run” was number one!

I can’t even begin to describe how amazing it felt. I was at the beach with my cousins and I raced them to the water…seeing them running next to me and their faces beaming with happiness that they have their cousin back…literally like magic. That day I ran about 120 metres 🙂 I’d been to the beach since being better but I hadn’t stood bare feet on the sand or stood in the sea…here come the happy tears again 😀 I had forgotten how incredible that feels.

There are so many other amazing stories to tell but this has already turned into more of a novel than an ‘About me’ story. Never, ever, EVER take anything for granted and never give up on your dreams 🙂

For information on the The Lightning Process visit this website: www.empowertherapies.co.nz

About Love and Light:

For the first two years of my condition I didn’t draw at all, but one day I was so upset about not being able to draw that I drew a little scribbly picture that didn’t even make sense. When I was finished I showed my amazing parents what I’d done and they said it was actually pretty good.

I sat there a bit puzzled for a while because although it hurt my arms an awful lot to draw this picture I felt like I was lighter and my heart felt happy which it hadn’t for a very long time. So the next day I drew another picture and another and another.

And although all this drawing caused me to relapse quite a bit and be in extra pain I didn’t mind because I felt happy. I put all that I have into my drawings and that is why they are so important to me.

My goal in life is to be happy and spread love and light to lots of people and that’s how I came up with Love and Light Designs.

These pieces of art are pieces of me, pieces of emotion, pieces of the world and how I see it. Each time I look at a drawing I see something new that I didn’t know was there and I hope you have fun finding your own messages or objects in my drawings.

I draw inspiration from all sorts of things such as; how I am feeling, what someone close to me is going through, my family, my parents and friends, nature and all the different elements, music, crazy things that happen in my life and things as simple yet important as happiness and love.

I look for beauty in everything and you will see that in some of my drawings there are odd shapes that you wouldn’t think would work in the drawing but it does. Sometimes the most beautiful things are the most unusual.

Thanks for viewing my artwork and reading my story. It means the world to me.

Ella 🙂

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  1. Michelle Penney says:

    Hi Ella! I’m Michelle and I have Chronic fatigue syndrome. I have been sick for about 2 years now and like you have tried many treatments but nothing has worked. I am doing the lightning process in July with Mel and am really excited about it!! I really believe that it is going to change my life!
    Thankyou for sharing your story. It has given me so much hope that I too can get better! I’m so happy for you and your recovery!! You have put a smile on my face!!☺☺

    • Thank you for reaching out Michelle…I’m so glad Ella’s inspiring story has moved you, that’s so fantastic! All the very vest with the Lightening Process, please check back in and let us know how you go, we would LOVE to hear! xx Paula

  2. K H Wood says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. It bought me to tears and gives me hope. I am going to do the lightening process!

    • Yes, Ella Rose is an amazing young woman alright, so inspiring! I’m so pleased you’re going to follow up on the Lightening Process – let us know how you get on, we’d love to know 🙂
      All the very best and thank you for connecting x

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