EFT and Cancer

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Spirit soul body mindHave you heard of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)?  I have been blessed to have had the help of  one of New Zealand’s best (if not THE best) EFT practitioners – Jasmina Kovacev, in dealing with a wide range of emotional issues that had me stuck – from my bird phobia, to relationship issues, to business issues, you name it, I’ve done it!  The layers of the onion keep peeling away and I know for a fact that EFT is a magic tool to help move you out of overwhelm and ‘stuckness’ and into the light again.  I interviewed Jasmina recently to help explain EFT and her passion for helping people…

Jasmina, you have a huge range of experience in body/mind therapies, why do you like EFT as your predominant therapy tool?

EFT is a wonderful tool that allows me to apply a wide range of knowledge to achieve extraordinary results in different areas of life. The uniqueness of EFT is its profound effect that can provide deep energetical and emotional change, not only cognitive change.

Many do not understand it until experiencing its effect first hand.

What are some of the things EFT can help people overcome?

It all depends on the skill of the person that is using it. Quite often we hear that EFT can help us overcome something, but we rarely consider in whose hands. If we are talking about simple emotional issues or superficial pain work, most results are almost guaranteed in anyone’s hands.

If we are talking about more complex issues, more skill and experience is required and in some instances very specific knowledge from other areas are required; particularly when it comes to business issues, sport or parenting and even more when it comes to health issues.

Gary Craig, the founder of EFT used to say, “Try it on everything”. We have nothing to lose and have a chance to gain a lot.

Basically, everything where energy disruption is involved can be helped. We all know that energy is everywhere around us. Some of the issues start from anxieties, panic attacks, various pain issues (acute and often chronic pain can be helped), traumas, addictions.

A range of health issues can be improved to the extent where energy disruption is a contributor. Considering that even the conservative American Medical Association accepts that emotions contribute to 85% of health issues, and we know that emotions are energy, conclusion naturally follows.

Sports performance can be improved as well as business performance. Communication with others becomes better, parenting is more responsive instead of reactive.

How does EFT work?                                     

The simplest explanation is that it corrects energetical imbalances in the body.

When something happens, that we experience in a way that is not pleasant, energy disruption occurs in our body, resulting in emotion. When a situation reminds us of something that has happened previously, we are again in the same energetic disruption and emotions surface.

The way EFT works is – to gently mentally connect with a specific aspect of the issue that created the energetical disruption in our body and while doing it, stimulate specific bioactive points (acupuncture points). This allows the straightening of the energy system and in turn, emotional release. It is a bit hard to grasp without experiencing it.

I know first hand that EFT produces amazing results, what are some of your most memorable ones?

There are so many to choose from but here are a few stand out examples:

  • One of my clients did not hear for 21 years on one ear (sudden loss) and after only five sessions, hearing was completely back. It is not something that I can promise, but things like that can happen.
  • A person was sent home to die from pancreatic cancer with a maximum of two months life expectancy.  After six months she was back to work.
  • A phobia of water – 100% originating from past life experience with no negative experience in this life time. Resolved in one session.
  • Panic attacks for 19 years – resolved in 25 hours over two weeks.
  • Sales career was threatened due to poor performance. In three sessions the person was back on track with improvement of 60% compared to results before performance failure.
  • Severe allergy to own Husband (not a joke) – resolved after three sessions.
  • Unreadable handwriting – nice handwriting after resolving range of emotions for not saving Brother’s life.

You are also focusing on helping people with Cancer and have a special Cancer  Retreat in January 2013.  What can people expect from attending this Retreat?

It might be best to look at feedback from others that attended this year’s Retreat:

  • Everyone slept the last night ( they all had sleeping issues due to emotions around their condition).
  • Everyone’s energy level went up and therefore self healing has a much higher chance.
  • Everyone had an understanding of their emotional issue that contributed to their condition.
  • Everyone made their own action plan to follow after the retreat.
  • Everyone learnt a lot about the holistic approach to health and important coping skills that they need once when they get back to their environment.
  • Enthusiasm about life and the future increased quite a bit in everyone.

Some attendees made a comment that it is the beginning of a new era in the way of supporting cancer affected people. It provides education and transformation at all levels of our being.

There is a short video with some of those that attended the Retreat:  www.fullspectrumwellbeing.com

Why have you decided to specifically run a Cancer Retreat?

Cancer does not need to be so deadly as it is perceived, but there is a level of urgency compared to many other conditions.

There are very important areas to be addressed at emotional and mental levels that give self healing a much higher chance. Very often when affected by cancer, people stop living a normal life, they are in fear, worried; some are in panic, some are desperate; they often make wrong decisions due to their emotions affecting logical and intuitive functions.

People do not understand the importance of the emotional and mental level of our being and their impact on our health. The emotional and mental Cancer Retreat is quite unique in many ways. EFT is an important change tool at the Retreat, but not the only one. A whole range of other techniques and approaches are used for nurturing all levels of human being in order to maximize the Retreat’s effects. Input from some other Specialists is also integrated. My wide education in 27 different modalities allows me to filter out what I consider to be the best combination at this point in time. It is important to understand that EFT as a tool is one thing, but the thinking platform for its application is something different.

Do you run other general Retreats or Workshops?

I run training and workshops in nine countries including New Zealand. EFT is my main transformational tool but many other seminars and workshops provide complimenting knowledge and skills starting from a holistic approach to health and illness as a meaningful biological process.  Conscious Parenting, Awaken Your Sales Genius and many more tailored seminars and trainings are also available.

EFT training for self help and professional application are in the highest demand. The Cancer Retreat is the latest move in my work and it has proven to be a very useful way of supporting the cancer journey. 

Do people need to come and see you in person or can you consult over the phone or via Skype?

I run EFT sessions mainly over the phone or skype, considering that I am often moving around. Training can be also organised according to the demand in different countries and different cities.

More information on EFT and what I am up to is available at: www.eft-emofree.com… enter your details on the web site and get a FREE mini EFT manual.

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