Eat MORE to Lose Weight!

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Eat Breakfast

How many of you skip meals or starve yourselves in the hope of losing weight?  What if someone told you this way DOESN’T work, in fact it does the opposite…here Joelene Ranby from Resolution Retreats give us the low down on the magic formula to help you LOSE WEIGHT…

What would you say if I told you that you aren’t eating enough to lose weight?

Got your attention? Yes, right, good. What I’m talking about is eating a decent breakfast. Some studies have found that between 30 and 40 percent of woman don’t eat a decent breakfast (American Human Nutrition Research Centre). Whether it’s because we’re too busy getting the children showered, dressed, and ready for school, we’re not organised enough, or we just don’t feel like it; ladies, we are not doing ourselves any favours when it comes to skipping or not eating enough for breakfast. Would you send your child to school without breakfast? If you said “No Way”, then it’s obvious that what we’ve always been told about breakfast being ‘the most important meal of the day’ resonates with you somewhere.

The benefits of having a wholesome and nutritious breakfast:

There are many benefits, but in particular, eating breakfast can assist with:

  • Weight control – reducing hunger pangs mid-morning (yes – we’re talking to you, who is reaching for that mid-morning muffin with a dollop of butter)
  • Weight control – kick starting the metabolism or ‘stoking the fire’ so your body more effectively metabolises other food it consumes during the day
  • Improved concentration
  • More strength and endurance to engage in physical activity
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Improved energy levels throughout the day

It may seem we are saving calories by skipping breakfast:

But this is not an effective strategy. Typically, hunger gets the best of breakfast-skippers, and they eat more at lunch and throughout the day, which is where the ancient proverb ‘Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince, Dine like a Pauper’ rings true – someone back then knew what they were talking about! Many studies, including one by the reputable Harvard Medical School, have shown that breakfast eaters tend to weigh less than breakfast skippers. How does the ‘saving calories’ theory sound now?

Studies link breakfast to weight loss:

It is obviously worth mentioning here that most studies linking breakfast to weight control or weight loss looked at a healthy breakfast containing protein and/or whole grains, for example a mushroom and tomato omelette or a bowl of wholegrain muesli and fresh fruit — not meals loaded with fat and calories such as a muffin (with or without the butter) or a sausage roll.

So, what ARE the benefits:

Having a nutritious breakfast assists with providing the essential vitamins and minerals that you require to function properly throughout the day, in addition to replenishing the nutrients which have depleted during your body’s rejuvenation and renewal sleep processes.

Quick Breakfast ideas:

“Okay, okay …” you might say “I get it! I must have breakfast. But what should I have?”  As with any meal, it is important to have some protein, carbohydrates and also have a little fat.

Protein makes you alert and keeps you feeling fuller for longer. Including low fat protein such as eggs or egg whites in your breakfast have been proven to assist in weight loss in women (cite).

Carbohydrates, like fruit and whole grains, provide energy, and the best ones also deliver high fibre to help digestion.

Including healthy fats such as nuts and seeds sprinkled in with your cereal or half an avocado, assists with brain function throughout the day. Here are some healthy and nutritious breakfast ideas to get you started:

  • Two Weetbix, hot water, ½ cup trim milk and ½ a sliced banana – or makes lots in a bowl and split between all the family for a super-fast breakfast
  • One pottle of low fat Greek yoghurt, 2 pieces of in-season fruit (in-season is cheaper), for example an apple, kiwifruit or mandarin and a handful of almonds – all mixed in together
  • Two egg whites, 1 banana (or 1 cup frozen berries), ½ cup trim milk, 1 tsp honey in a blender – a mega smoothie, and you honestly will not taste the egg whites
  • Two egg omelette with tomatoes, red onions, mushrooms and low fat cheese with a little wholegrain mustard and balsamic vinegar mixed together as a dressing
  • One piece of soy and linseed toast with 1 tbsp low fat cottage cheese, tomato and sliced spring onions
  • Resolution Retreats’ latest recipe – Healthy Eggs Benedict 

Watch those labels:

Remember to avoid baked goods and compare labels for sugar content. Some cereals are very sneaky and claim to be a healthy option, but are in fact full of sugar. To learn more about how to choose and combine elements of a healthy breakfast, visit this handy website for an in-depth run through

Time poor Breakfast tips:

“But I just don’t get time” you might say … “I’m just too busy in the morning”. Here are some handy tips from to help you squeeze in breakfast:

  1. Set your alarm clock for 10 minutes earlier. How long does it take to have some cold cereal? It doesn’t really take that long.
  2. Cut off night time eating at 9 p.m. You don’t want to wake up starving, but you want to have an appetite for breakfast.
  3. Do some advance planning. “You don’t want any spontaneous eating,” says Schmidt. “You want to plan what you’ll be having for breakfast.” This means shopping ahead for breakfast foods to have at home or convenience foods to bring to work.
  4. Make breakfast the night before. No one wants to be dicing fruit in the morning and hunting around for the right container lid when up against a ticking clock.
  5. Make eating breakfast part of your commute. If you do have to pop out the door without breakfast, and you decide to stop at a service station to get something, most places now have a selection of fruit, or failing that, grab a low fat yoghurt smoothie out of the dairy section.
  6. Stock essentials at your desk. If you can’t eat at home or on the way to the office, eat when you get there. Some cereals can be bought in individual containers — you peel off the lid and it’s a bowl. Just add milk and eat it at your desk.
  7. Focus on your breakfast. Even if it’s just for five minutes. This helps you feel more satisfied.
  8. Be flexible about breakfast time. You may not be able to eat at the very start of your day — maybe you have to squeeze in an early workout or your workday starts with an 8:00 a.m. group meeting — but that doesn’t mean you need to slog through until lunchtime on an empty stomach. Have a small breakfast after your workout or right after your meeting.
Good luck! 
The Resolution Retreats team
Resolution Retreats is New Zealand’s only live-in weight loss, health and wellness Retreat exclusively for women.

We have designed our programmes based upon research and experience in bringing diet, exercise, treatments, therapies, therapists and education together in such a way that gives our guests the best results and the greatest opportunity to improve their lives. We give women an opportunity to get away from the stresses and temptations of their everyday lives to focus on themselves and achieving the weight loss and health goals that they have always wanted. We work on the whole package, by providing an understanding, supportive and encouraging environment to ensure that our guests leave looking and feeling their very best, armed with the education that will enable them to make positive lifestyle choices at home. Better yet, weight loss is GUARANTEED – if you do not lose weight on one of our Retreats, we will refund the entire Retreat cost – all while having a fabulous Retreat away!

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