The Chakra System – Your 7 Keys to Freedom

Whether we are conscious of them or not, we all have chakras – bright wheels of energy, spinning within our bodies. We have seven major chakras, and each of them has a different function and energy.  And, while they exist within our bodies, their influence extends far beyond the physical.  Natalie Southgate from Chakradance explains […]

Diary of a Sweatlodge…

I have wanted to do a sweatlodge for quite some time (a few years actually).  Something about the ritual, the spiritual connection and the cleansing process has intrigued me and I’ve felt it would be a unique and special way to go deeper within and maybe purge some of the old crap that one tends […]

The Art of Fulfillment

I feel like a baby bird fighting to break out of it’s shell…or a moth that is turning into a butterfly, but it’s still cocooned in it’s safe little chrysalis, not yet ready to fight it’s way out…This is how I’m feeling at this moment in time, it’s been happening for a few years now […]

The Power of Vulnerability

I’ve been trying to work out what is at the root of the ‘not so nice’ emotions I’ve been feeling since I arrived back in NZ . Today I was guided to a ‘TED’ video and there I found my answer… vulnerability. In the video below, Brené Brown discusses the power of vulnerability and says […]

Can Art Be Theraputic?

I went to a wonderful Psychotherapist a few years back who got me to draw the emotion I was experiencing at that particular time.  It was amazing.  I remember I was feeling deep, intense anger and so I grabbed a big red crayon and spread that anger all over the paper, then I grabbed a […]

Being Authentic

Being authentic takes courage, lots of courage.  You need to be comfortable laying yourself bare to all, warts and all and that’s not easy…   I was talking with a good friend of mine today, actually she was coaching me through one of my ‘moments’ when nothing is going how it’s ‘meant’ to, nothing is flowing, I’m […]

Rich Beyond My Dreams

Following on from my previous post Finding Gratitude, Alison Skate shares her own insight on the “G” word… I went to the Body Mind Spirit Festival in Brisbane (Australia) recently as part of a ‘date’ I had with my husband. As a leadership coach I feel it is important to maintain balance across all areas of life, […]

How did I get here?

Last year when I was volunteering in Bali I received an email from my very good friend Andrea who told me she had enrolled in an online website design course and sent me the link in case I was interested.  At that particular point in time, with everything that was going on for me personally […]