Motivational Astrology Forecast – August 2017

Total. Solar. Eclipse! Everyone’s talking about this spectacular happening in August. For the first time since 1918, a sensational Total Solar Eclipse – when the moon passes over the Sun – will track across America on 21 August. This will bring total darkness – lasting almost three minutes, in the middle of the day – […]

Motivational Astrology Forecast – July 2017

July is the month to “empower-up” and claim your own – to believe in yourself and move forward in manifesting your individual abilities, self expression and creativity! With many Leo energies emerging this month, we are motivated to embrace a stronger, more determined and confident part of ourselves and put in place the building blocks […]

Motivational Astrology Forecast – June 2017

In this Solstice Month, with the celebration of Matariki – the Maori New Year here in New Zealand – and strong Cancer/Gemini energies, we’re encouraged to nurture our emotions! In the weeks ahead we are urged to support our inner sensitivity and feed our feelings – not with pizza but with positive appreciation, validation and […]

Motivational Astrology Forecast – May 2017

We all struggle to be authentic in who we are. Being human, we each battle with our inconsistencies – like wanting to be healthy (yet eating junk food), promising to exercise (yet not moving off the couch) or claiming poverty (yet shopping till we drop)! This is the month to take a look at what […]

Motivational Astrology Forecast – April 2017

Fear interrupts the flow of life force, bringing negativity and depression to the door, trapping us in a stagnant pattern – what a waste! Know that many of the fears we have stem from a lack of self belief. When you’re fearful you shut down possibilities! If you are scared of a situation take some […]

Motivational Astrology Forecast – February 2017

This is the month to find your way, while realising that there is no right answer, no right path or no right course of action. There is only YOU, and you are right, right now! Your soul is here to acknowledge and learn from the unique abilities, challenges and triumphs that make you who you […]