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Bali Green SchoolI first found out about the Bali Green School when I lived there for five months in 2011.  I remember thinking how amazing it looked.  I got to see it in person this week and to say it blew me away is an understatement!

I think my driver took me to the back entrance but it was no problem for the security guard on duty, who issued me with my Visitors Pass and let me enter the property over the stunningly beautiful bamboo bridge.

Greenschool Bridge

Bamboo Bridge

Bamboo BridgeThat’s the unique thing about the Bali Green School – it’s all about sustainability – right down to the composting toilets (one for wees, one for poos in each cubicle), recycling, organic vege garden, solar panels and the amazing bamboo structures that grace the property. 


Recycling Station


Organic Garden

It’s paradise for designers, engineers and architects; the sheer size and design of these beautiful buildings leaves you in awe.

Beautiful Bamboo

Amazing architecture

I was privileged enough to go on a tour with John Hardy, the founder of the Green School.  He only does personal tours once a month and when I checked the website and saw he was doing one this week, I booked in!

John Hardy

Founder John Hardy

John is a visionary.  People say “you can’t do that!”, and he says “why not?” And, “why not” has now morphed into this fantastic educational facility in Bali, where expats from all around the world flock to send their children for this unique educational opportunity. 

Many give up life in their own country for a year or so and relocate to Bali just to put their children through this school’s system.

And what a system!  No walls, no windows, fresh air moving through the rooms, in the middle of the green jungle, no barriers, creativity explored and nurtured, new ways of thinking encouraged, everyone happy and smiling and laughing!





Art Studio

The innovation of John and his team must be loudly applauded.  For example, the school was donated solar panels but of course these would look unsightly on the natural fibre roofs.  What to do?  Put them on bamboo poles and make a type of sculpture garden!  The result is functional and a man-made work of art.

 Solar PanelsSolar Panels


Solar Panels

Part of the plan in getting “off the grid” and being completely self-sufficient, is the design and installation of the “Vortex” by a very clever Austrian engineer.  Once operational, this will see power also being generated from the river.  This is brand new technology that will pioneer self-sufficiency across the globe.

The Vortex

The Vortex

With bamboo being in plentiful supply in Indonesia, and also being a sustainable product, it was a natural choice for John and his vision.  Bamboo only takes three months to reach its full height and it comes out of the ground the diameter it will remain. 


The size is determined by the type of bamboo – so large bamboo comes up large, small bamboo comes up small.  Even though it grows profusely, it takes three years to harden, but that beats waiting 25 years for pine to grow and the labour intensive pruning and thinning required! 

Bamboo is definitely the way of the future for building in Asian countries.  It’s sustainable, cheap, strong and flexible – perfect for earthquake prone countries! 

John’s tour through the Bali Green School was an entertainment, an education and a very grounding and humbling experience.  He is such a down-to-earth guy with the utmost respect for his team and the children he has created this for.

Balinese Sponsorship

John with one of his first Balinese scholarship children

As part of their vision to help educate those less fortunate, 20% of the new intakes are Balinese.  These children are given scholarships through a sponsorship programme which helps those showing promise the chance to expand their awareness and skills and therefore give them more opportunities for the future.

The entire place oozes creativity, nourishment and new thinking.  As I was walking around the school marvelling at everything and getting a feel for the place, I was holding a great sense of excitement for Yogi, who is going to be coming here 1-7 July for the Green Super Camp.  I feel so happy for him, that he’s getting this amazing opportunity.  He’s going to love it I just know!


New Thinking

Any child that gets the opportunity to go to this cutting edge school is very, very fortunate – a place to grow into your own unique person and develop your skills and interests, so that when you leave school, you know exactly what you are going to do and you go and do it with passion!


Here’s a video I created of my visit:

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