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Lilly PadsI recently skimmed through a fabulous book called “Fueng Shui Made Easy” by William Spear (Harper Collins Publishers) and came across this awesome story which really resonated with me…let me know what you think…

Once upon a time, there was a frog who lived in a well behind a small house in the woods.  One day when the frog was hopping around his home, he came upon another frog, whom he had never seen before.

“Who are you – and where did you come from?” he asked.

“I am from the ocean”, the new frog replied.

“The ocean?  What is that like?” asked the Well Frog.

“It’s big”, said the Ocean Frog.

“Big!  How big?  Is it as big, as, say a 1/4 of my well?”

“It’s even bigger”.

“Well then, is it as big as 1/2 my well?” asked the Well Frog, now with more confidence.

“Yes, my friend, it is even bigger than 1/2!”

“Bigger still? Incredible!  Can you show me this place where you live, this ocean you call home?”.

“Of course”, said the Ocean Frog, “but you’ll have to leave the well and follow me!”

“Ok, let’s go there!” said the Well Frog and hopped up the stones on the side of the well to join his new friend.

The Ocean Frog led the way to the very top of the well, jumped off the edge into the dirt, and headed off through the woods.  The Well Frog followed close behind.  At the edge of the woods, they came to a clearing and the Ocean Frog, not hesitating, hopped through the open field and over another hill, until he came to a sandy beach.

There, at the edge of the water, the Ocean Frog turned around as the Well Frog arrived.  They sat and looked out over the ocean.

“See”, said the Ocean Frog, “this is the ocean where I live”.  Whereupon the Well Frog looked out over the vast expanse that lay in front of him and exploded!

Once we leave home (what we know) and go beyond the limiting factors (walls, borders, boundaries), anything can happen!  When you begin to perceive the power of the invisible world, you may very well explode too – with possibilities for a new future.

Two years ago (almost to the day), I exploded into a new world.  I left my safe little “well” and ventured into the ocean of possibilities.  There is no going back to that well now.  Once you start to transform on the inside by stretching that comfort zone, you can never go back.  You are forever morphing into something new, evolving, growing, becoming…

It can be very confronting and scary, which for me at the time it was.  However the more that comfort zone stretches the more comfortable stretching it becomes.  It’s like exercise.  At the beginning it’s painful but the more you do the easier it becomes and before you know it you’ve transformed.

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