Motivational Astrology Forecast – May 2017

We all struggle to be authentic in who we are. Being human, we each battle with our inconsistencies – like wanting to be healthy (yet eating junk food), promising to exercise (yet not moving off the couch) or claiming poverty (yet shopping till we drop)! This is the month to take a look at what […]

Moving into body-acceptance – Is it possible for you?

For many of us (actually, probably most of us), there’s always something about our body that we don’t particularly like or would like to change. How can we not, when there are advertisements everywhere showing us how we are supposed to look, of course we are going to compare – it’s human nature. But the […]

Motivational Astrology Forecast – April 2017

Fear interrupts the flow of life force, bringing negativity and depression to the door, trapping us in a stagnant pattern – what a waste! Know that many of the fears we have stem from a lack of self belief. When you’re fearful you shut down possibilities! If you are scared of a situation take some […]

Are You Truly Living Your Life?

I subscribe to a wonderful website that sends out weekly articles of inspiration. Upliftconnect have given me permission to reproduce this recent article that I love. It totally resonates with how I have changed my life over the past 6 months – from Living a Life of Existing to Living a Life I Love. My River […]

Sunscreen – Natural Alternatives…

Hands up who remembers slathering on the suntan oil and literally baking yourself in the Summer sun…my hands are up!!  These days I wouldn’t dare – the harsh NZ and Australian sun turns you to a crisp in no time!  Thing is, I hate putting on sunscreen…all those nasty chemicals and they block very important […]

Motivational Astrology Forecast – February 2017

This is the month to find your way, while realising that there is no right answer, no right path or no right course of action. There is only YOU, and you are right, right now! Your soul is here to acknowledge and learn from the unique abilities, challenges and triumphs that make you who you […]

Happiness – Stretch That Comfort Zone!

Stepping out of your comfort zone can be really, really scary.  It’s only natural that when we step into unknown territory fears arise because we have no idea what we are doing or what the outcome will be.  But the more we stretch our comfort zone the more we grow and the fantastic thing about […]

Dying for a Diet Drink?

Do you use artifical sweeteners to avoid sugar?  Do you drink Diet Coke / Coca Cola Zero or similar to avoid sugar? Do you look at the ingredients list on the back of products to see what they actually contain?  One of the most common ‘sweeteners’ in products is Aspartame (code 950/951).  This toxic substance […]

Motivational Astrology Forecast – January 2017

January sets the standard for the next twelve months to come. We are now given the power to take control of the areas that challenged us in 2016, and forge ahead with greater strength, discipline and determination. The Astrological energies occurring in the weeks ahead help us to manifest the happiness we seek – and […]

The Four Stages of Spiritual Growth

I love sharing articles that really resonate with me…this is one of them. It gives a very succinct description of the stages of spiritual growth, moving from being a ‘victim’ and blaming everyone for your issues, through to true empowerment, where you take responsibility for your reactions and life choices. Shared with permission from The […]

Words with heart – from one amazing woman to another…

I have a new friend. Her name is Rachel and she writes the most amazing REAL words, straight from the heart – we connected immediately! She blows me away with her incredible words of wisdom from someone so young, a beautiful soul who’s light shines both inside and out. Here is one of her soulful […]

Motivational Astrology Forecast – December 2016

This Solstice month encourages us to gain greater clarity of our year-in-review highs and lows. We can use this energy to better comprehend many of the occurrences of these past months, enabling us to set a positive course of action for growth and prosperity going forward. In the weeks ahead we receive a celestial push […]

Motivational Astrology Forecast – November 2016

There are going to be times in our lives when it’s really hard to find reasons to be happy, perhaps even times when it seems we’ve lost everything. But that’s never truly the case, and if we work to find and nurture the seeds of happiness the harvest will come in time. . November 2016 […]

My Bali Tarot Reading Experience…

I’ve had a few Tarot readings in the past, generally around a time of uncertainty and change. They have usually been interesting but I’ve never had one that totally blew my socks off -until now… I had heard about this Tarot reader through my dear friend Ibu Marie who organises spiritual tours to healers and […]

Everything Happens for a Reason…

I know there are a lot of people out there who are going through particular life challenges at the moment and for some reason there seems more than usual… My path has crossed with a number of kindred spirits and we all seem to be sharing a very similar path at the moment in relation […]